Beach Volleyball.

How is this an Olympic sport?

Nothing against the athletes involved, of course, and I know that its difficult to do well. . .

But, isn’t there another sport already called volleyball played on a court with 6 people on each side?

How about we start a Beach Basketball team. Here’s what we’ll do: 2 people on each team instead of 5 and get this. . .we’ll play it on sand.

How about Beach Soccer? Here’s what we’ll do: 2 people on each team and. . .wait for it. . .we’ll play it on sand.

Beach handball? Why not? We’ll take regular handball, except put 2 people on each team and. . .try to follow me on this one, we’ll play it on SAND!!

Voila!!! Three completely new revolutionary sports, all ripe for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. We can man the teams with people who couldn’t make the regular team, and to get you to watch, we’ll dress the women in skimpy bikinis.

(this is such an obvious rant that it’s probably been said before, but I guess I’m swept up in the olympic spirit.)

I think the rest of the Olympics should be sexed up, ratings would increase. Shit, I would stay up past my bed time to watch a naked weight lifter.


Any sport that gives us Misty May, dressed like that, deserves prime-time coverage and hourly updates.

Sweet GOD, man! Near-naked women! Sweaty and breathing hard!

Normally you have to pay for cable channels and stay up past midnight to get that.

That’s kind of a scary thought! :eek:

What the Olympics needs is Wiffle Ball. If you can have Curling in the Winter Olympics, then Wiffle Ball is totally appropriate.

(I was drooling over Kerri Walsh’s never-ending legs. Logan Tom in Volleyball…)

I agree. All of those women playing last night (or at least the ones I saw) were 10 pounds of sexy in a 5 pound bag. Damn fine sport. :smiley:

I couldn’t disagree more. For one thing, volleyball is traditionally played in the sand. The fact that it has been co-opted by middle school gymnasiums everywhere does not detract from its being a true sport. And the fact that there are only two players means a lot more running around and face plants in the sand, thus elevating it to – get this – Olympic proportions.

You know the Olympic babes are featured in this month’s U.S. Playboy, right?

No. Seriously? I’ll be right back.

::runs down to the corner 7-11 to get a copy::

Amy “A-cup” Acuff on the cover.

actually, what tdn said is the potential rant-deflator I chose to ignore. With actually looking at the history of it, I supposed its possible that volleyball was invented on the beach.

Who cares though?

Basketball was invented by throwing a ball in a peach basket and they used to play it in a cage. Doesn’t mean they still do it.

Tennis was invented when the Romans would cut the gentials off their fallen enemies and swat them back at the armies as a method of demoralization.

I think Trunk needs a hug.
Apologies to a fellow doper who e-mailed me a similar hug yesterday, after bemoaning the fact that I missed Monday’s matches.

So that’s why they get two serves in tennis! :eek:

I totally agree with the OP. Beach volleyball is stupid no matter where it is played. Having it make the Olympics is a joke. And “sexy?” You’ve got to be kidding!


I’d rather get it on with a Romanian weightlifter than one of those hags. :smiley:

(Actually, I’d rather get it on with a few female gymnasts, but that’s beside the point!)


I now officially retract my PIT.

Why do we need the 200m Breaststroke? We already have the 4x200 relays! So what, you can decrease the number of competitors per team by 75% and still slap the label of “sport” on it? Pshaw.

excellent return.

Have you ever tried running on sand? It takes an enormous amount of calf strength. Have you ever tried playing volleyball with only 2 to a team? It takes an enormous amount of running and maneuvering. On sand. Yes, Virginia, it is a real sport.

The ignorance shown in this thread is staggering.

For that, I ask for a cite.


At least it’s a sport unlike, say, ballroom dancing.

Dude, most of those female gymnasts are under the age of consent in most states. And the ones that aren’t, typically still look like they are… eeew.