Regarding Certain Olympic Sports

  1. What the hell kind of stupid sport is whitewater kayak racing?

  2. Could the women’s beach volleyball players wear skimpier clothes? How about topless with a thong?

If you have a petition for #2, I’ll be happy to sign.

Dude, they choose to wear that skimpy clothes. Indeed, the tall one from the US Team (Walsh) was talking to a reporter who asked how she chose the suits and she said it was all her choice (and that she wanted to make sure her titties didn’t fall out).

Of course, I’d argue that since volleyball was born on the beach (or at least beach volleyball was), wearing attention-getting garb is staying true to the roots.

If you don’t think something strenuous and requiring skill like the rafting is worthy, what do you think of the trampoline?

Since we’re starting petitions, can we get one started to have NBC show the trampoline competition? The video on their web site is fucking awesome!

Spot on with #2, IMO. I posted something in my blog to that effect. 'Cause, you know, I always play better volleyball when my ass cheeks are hanging out. It’s enough that they wear the two pieces, but do they have to sexualize every damn aspect of their sport?

On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind if they sexualized the men’s swimsuits any more. :cool:
[sub]No, I’ve never heard of a “double standard”…why do you ask?[/sub]

I thought the kayaking was silly at first but after watching it for a bit I’m quite impressed. They work hard!

I’ll take some tubby guy sitting on his couch for the last 2-months bitcing about sports because he hasn’t heard of them and cannot understand them or they don’t provide enough masturbatory stimulation for 500, Alex

:confused: What do you have against kayaking?

I suspect that Hyperelastic has no experience in the sport, either competitively or recreationally, and therefore has not been able to develop an informed opinion.

Hyperelastic, in your opinoin, what attributes should a sport have to be worthy of Olympic competition, and in what way does wild water kayaking not have these attributes?

There isn’t enough cheap titilation for him in it.

I guess that one of the drawbacks of Olympic paddling as opposed to local paddling is that you don’t get wet nekkid paddlers changing at the side of a road at the end of their run.

I gather it’s because Janet Jackson’s try-out for the team didn’t go over particularly well at the Superbowl.

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Race Walking.


I’ve never seen so many people over the age of four blow their noses into their hands as I did last night.

It should be followed with interest by at least 0.1% of the population. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that kayaking does not meet this criterion. If you like to kayak, great, have fun. But they almost eliminated softball, which is far more popular as a spectator and participant sport than kayaking.

As far as the volleyball comment, it was irony, folks. I certainly enjoy watching those taut, quivering buttocks bouncing across the sand, but there’s a place for titillation and it ain’t the Olympics.

I think you may be guilty of just a touch of america-centrism here, since in non-US countries mentioning “softball” will most likely conjure up images of an unfortunate medical condition before anything resembling a sport. And more than that, what’s with this 0.1% shit? Let’s face it; do 0.1% of the population avidly follow the shot put when it’s not the Olympics? No, I thought not. Quite a lot more people paddle than put, I’ll guarantee you that.

What the hell kind of stupid sport is whitewater kayak racing?QUOTE]

And just how does that make it a stupid sport?

No kidding! I saw the women’s race the other day. Their forearms look bulletproof.

I’d rather watch that than gymnastics.

Weren’t the Olympics originally played in the nude?