When did the Olympics get nekkid?

Is it just me, or was this the nakedest Olympics ever? I must admit, I haven’t watched the Olympics much – pretty much missed the Olympics in Sydney wholesale for whatever reason, but these Olympics seem a lot nakeder than any I’ve seen before.

Let me make it clear: I am not complaining. No way am I complaining, I like looking at the athlete’s bodies. I would not mind if they performed nude. I mean, I could handle nude male athletes if it meant there would also be nude women athletes.

But that’s probably a couple of Olympics down the road. To be frank, those spandex panties the female Olympic sprinters and runners wore made the exact shape and delineation of their bodies very clear. They weren’t thongs, but they weren’t bad.

And the women’s beach volleyball players bending over in their skimpy bikinis and rolling around in the sand … talk about your thrill of athletic competition!

Anyway, I guess I’m asking if it wasn’t just me … was this a nekkider Olympics than in the past, or what?
Then there were the

The original Olympics were ALL nude, so no, this wasn’t even close. :wink:

The original Olympics, in ancient Greece, were all performed naked.

Of course, they only had men…

…Which is why they weren’t televised.

They’ve been televised, in my head, many many times.

Naked, but slathered all over in olive oil (extra virgin?). I don’t know if the wrestlers used oil, though.

I can see it now: “See the XXX-treme Games, on Satellite and Cable Pay-Per-View… Sign up now!”

Watching it on Satellite just didn’t cut it…you had to be there.

Is it just me, or did it seem like the men were wearing a lot more, relatively.

(when I commented about the nekkid thing at home I got the Oh, Mom! rolleyes, so I guess the gear has been getting skimpier for awhile)

Yes, unfortunately…I made the comment about the absolutely unfair and sexist differences between the men’s beach volleyball outfits and the women’s in another thread.

If the straight boys and lesbians get to salivate over women in bikinis, the straight women and gay men should get equal time with the men in Speedos!

I haven’t watched much, but I haven’t seen much nekkidness except in the women’s competitions. I’ve seen some of the male and female beach volley ball competitions, and I have to ask: how come the women wear the bikini bottoms with sports bra tops, but the men wear the loose, baggy trunks and tank tops? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know – the scantily clad women attract male viewers, but I (a woman) would have stayed longer with the male volleyball if the men had been wearing skimpy bottoms and no tops (not necessarily speedos, but something “form-hugging.”) We women want eye candy too!

You want eye candy, just wait for the Winter Games and those male speed skaters. Sure, they are all covered up, but those suits look like they are body paint, not clothing. As I heard it put “You can almost tell what religion the guys are!”

Am I the only one who would be happy if everyone were more covered up, in general? I’d just as soon enjoy these athletes for their skills than their (remarkably similar and not terribly interesting) bodies.

I mean, they’re beautiful, no doubt. This playing-for-both-teams gal was enjoying Alexander Despatie and Misty May equally, but simultaneously feeling ooky because the competition isn’t supposed to be about the nicest abs or hardest bottoms. :dubious:

Here, here, Jayjay. If anyone has a petition going let me know. I’ll sign it.


Some of those male divers had very skimpy speedos. You definitely can’t be shy and wear one of those things.

The swimmers has an interesting suit also. It was a form-fitting but long trunk that sat very low on the hips. It was Paris Hilton"you could see my pubes if I didn’t shave them"low. In fact I wondered if the guys had shaved. I also watched the underwater camera views very carefully.
As far as the nakedest Olympics goes, this one may well be the closest since the original, not only for the costumes but for the amount of athletes that have posed for Playboy and other nudie venues.

I take it you missed the men’s diving competition, then …

I agree, TeaElle. I’m not for more nekkidness - I’m just annoyed that sex-obsessed society has influenced even the Olympics into wooing more viewers with almost-nekkid women. The Olympics should be about athletics. I read an article in the Washington Post about how skimpily-clad “cheer leaders” were used with the male beach volleyball competitions. “Oooh - beach volleyball is a FUN competition! we just want everyone to have FUN…we’re just a bunch of sexy cuties who want everyone to have FUN!” Oy vey.

:smack: I completely forgot about the diving! And I’d even seen an awful lot of Michael Phelps nearly-nekkid icons on livejournal…

Swimming is going the other way, since the suits cover more and more every Olympics.

As I understand it, with swimming it’s not a fashion thing, but how much resistance a given suit creates for its wearer. If swimmers and their coaches were convinced that wearing long feather boas reduced drag in the water, I’m sure they’d all be wearing long feather boas as they swim. I think some of them have decided some swimsuits that cover a lot of flesh reduce drag somehow, so they wear 'em. I’m sure if they thought nudity worked, they’d be nude, or as close to it as morality and the law permit.

One word: canoeing.

My word but there was something about those muscley men in their Lycra kneeling in their boats and cranking their paddles…

Actually, every event in which there’s any sort of air or water resistance is moving to or has moved to the Lycra. I don’t follow sports at all on a regular basis so maybe this has been going on for a while.