Men's vs Women's Beach Volleyball Attire

Watching women’s volleyball, I starting wondering about their attire. Why the skimpy outfits? Didn’t bother me. They’ve got amazing figures and are a pleasure to watch. I then realized that a more body-covering one-piece would be more restrictive/have more of a potential to bind/go up the butt, etc. Makes sense. Excellent, can’t wait to see the guys in their equally small, yet secure outfits. WHAA…? They’re wearing loose tank tops and baggy shorts?!? What gives? I’ve been robbed! Can anyone explain the discrepancy? Wouldn’t you think they’d all be either loose or tight? In all of the other sports, men and women are more similarly attired, right? Gymnastics, swimming, diving, etc. Any ideas?


I believe the rules actually state that women have to wear skimpy outfits.

Beach volleyball has been criticized for the revealing uniforms, primarily the bikinis worn by female competitors. Some Beach volleyball competitions, including the Olympics, have rules restricting the maximum size of uniforms

It all goes with playing music and being on the beach … they want to attract spectators and TV companies.

My wife and I were just as surprised at the difference. The wiki article is great at explaining why the skimpy clothes for the ladies, but completely ignores the baggy shorts and tshirts for the guys… very strange juxtaposition.

I’m all for babes in bikinis, by the way, and I’m also glad the guys are in t-shirts. I mean come on, you want me to have to compete with buff, tan athletes in front of my wife? Sheesh! :cool:

Here are a couple excerpts from the rules from the 2004 Athens games (PDF link):

They wear the same thing they wear on the actual beach.

Meh. I don’t see why people take such extreme positions on the issue. I jokingly pretend that I’m hugely in favor of the bikinis when a game is on and I’m talking to my wife (“Hey, look! They keep score in beach volleyball! Who knew!”). In truth, though, I’d prefer to do my ogling elsewhere. Beach volleyball players, while impressive athletically, aren’t my cup of tea. Most of them look like scarecrows made out of leather. The sun exposure hasn’t been very kind to their skin. Have fun watching the volleyball, I’ll be over there scoping out Amanda Beard.

The synchronized diving also raised some questions in my mind. Was it really necessary, from an athletic standpoint, to show the girls showering off the chlorine after their dive and then dipping into the hot tub together to keep limber? Not that I imagine either of these facets raised any significant complaints.

They’re not showering off chlorine.

Going by the rules linked above, women are allowed to wear a one-piece uniform that’s less revealing. I haven’t seen any women wearing them. My guess is that bikini-wear is just part of beach-volleyball culture.

i also protest the more modest beach volleyball men’s wear. why can’t the women wear siglets and shorts?

dang rules.