Basic Repair to a Laptop Keyboard

The “ESC” key broke off my laptop keyboard. Underneath, it seems there is a nub made of - what feels like - silicone. This nub is also loose and feels like it may break off, as well. My questions related to repairing this are:

a) Can I place a drop of Crazy glue under the nub without causing damage to whatever material the nub is made from?
b) And, second, can I Crazy glue the “ESC” key back in place once the nub seems fixed?

Last, is Crazy glue a preferred glue for this application? Not all glues are compatible with all materials, so I want to be sure. Hopefully, the SDopers will know!

Were it my keyboard, I would certainly attempt such repair, with a couple of caveats.

First, I would make sure that my application of superglue would not hinder any flexibility that might be required under the key. Second, I would probably use a variant of superglue that is thicker and not as runny as normal superglue. Normal superglue is amazingly thin and non-viscous when first applied.

Try “The Kragle” first, sometimes that works.

Alternatively you can/need to replace the internal keyboard or plug in a external USB Keyboard.