Basketball: double-double, triple-double

In basketball highlight reports, I keep hearing the terms “double-double” and “triple-double” and SportsCenter never explains what they mean. So I come to the doper community to help me out here…what do they mean? Why are they an important achievement?

A double-double is reaching double figures (ie 10 or more) in two statistical categories in one game. Points and rebounds are most common here but it doesn’t have to be. Triple double is reaching 10 in three categories (usually assists). There’s also the much rare quadruple double (typically blocks or steals). Never heard of a quintuple double though I suppose it’s possible.

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In basketball, a double double refers to getting double digits in two of three categories: points, rebounds, and assists. A triple double means a player got double digits in all three categories; they might throw in blocks in a rare occasion. For example, a player who scored 25 points, made 10 assists, and got 4 rebounds got a double double. Why is it important? One, it shows a player did well in a number of categories. Some players can score and that’s it. Some players can rebound and that’s it. There are a few players, however, who can do it all. Two, fantasy sports has had a huge impact on how sports is reported. If your player got a double double or a triple double, it means your player got a lot of points for your fantasy team. It sounds nerdy, but fantasy sports and betting on sports is big business.

In baseball, you have the triple crown: highest league batting average, greatest number of home runs in league, and greatest number of rbi in league. Once again, this is a rare feat, and it shows that a player excells in a number of areas, not just one.

Just to build on the above, correct responses:

Double-doubles are typical for large front-court players (centers, forwards). For example, 7’2" center Shaquille O’Neal normally get a double-double because scoring and rebounding are his bread and butter. For him to score less than 10 points or to grab fewer than 10 rebounds is a rare thing. When a team has a star center or forward, it’s usually a disappointment for them not to get a double-double every game.

Triple-doubles are typical for the best backcourt players, and not surprisingly, they happen less often. Jason Kidd and Magic Johnson are exceptional examples of players who regularly could record more than 10 points, rebounds and assists per game. For most players, even very good guards, a triple-double is a rare event. It’s not easy to get 10 assists in a game, and backcourt players usually aren’t in a good position to get rebounds.

Some unorthodox triple-doubles have happened. Off the top of my head, one game close to 10 years ago, Shaquille O’Neal got his typical points and rebounds, but also had 11 blocked shots. As mentioned above, the three stats can be anything, but stats like blocks and steals are very rare for one player to have 10 or more in a single game, much less along with having at least 10 in 2 or more other stats.


Now that I understand more, what are the stats that are included for double-double, triple-triple? A list of possible accomplishments that count towards these would be nice.



On a related topic, can someone confirm my recollection that Oscar Robertson averaged a triple-double for some period of time (either a few seasons or his whole career)?

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Not much to add, but David Robinson and Hakeem Olajuwan both had quad doubles in the NBA. They are among the very few NBA players to do it, and the only ones recently.

Don’t know who the others are (none, maybe?).
A quintuple double? I’m sure it’s happened in high school games at some point. Wonder what the highest level it’s evr been done on is?

I do remember hearing that The Big O averaged a triple double for an entire season. I’m sure that’s easy to research…

…and here it is

And in hockey, you have what’s known as the Gordie Howe Hat Trick: a goal, an assist, and a fight. :smiley:

Yep, you’re forgetting Nate Thurmond and Alvin Robertson (who was the only player to get a QD with steals).

Tim Duncan was awfully close in Game 6 of the NBA Finals last season, finishing just two blocks shy.

There has never been a Quintuple Double. The is a fairly obscure stat known as the 5 By 5. Which is at least 5 in all the major categories. It had only been done once before this season(which is partly why it is so obscure) but has been accomplished by Kirilenko 2 or 3 times and Camby once this season.

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Aparently two players had done it before, and Kirilenko has two this year with Camby’s one.

I’m still trying to find who the other two were.

Camby also fouled out, so those six PF’s actually made it a SIX by five! :smiley:

Too bad he had no Turnovers.

Hakeem? Excellent shot blocker and almost always in the top ten in steals.

What about Grant Hill? I’m trying to remember if he was much of a blocker.