Bassists: Flea & Robert Trujillo geek and dish about bassists on WTF

Here is the link: - YouTube

Maron interviews Aziz Ansari during the first half, which is entertaining on its own.

But for the second half, he interviews the bassists Flea (duh) and Robert Trujillo (Suicidal Tendencies; Metallica). They are there ultimately to plug a documentary that Trujillo produces on legendary jazz/fusion/fretless bassist Jaco Pastorius. The documentary sounds fascinating - I am going to watch it soon. For those of us that grew up hearing Jaco and about Jaco, it is good to see he is being honored with a thoughtful movie. Their stories about idolizing Jaco are great to hear.

Maron does what Maron does: he gets Flea and Trujillo to talk about their histories and stories. Trujillo talks about getting tested by Lars during the Metallica tryout. They both discuss how they brought their passion for funk bass to both punk and metal. Really fun.

Throughout, Flea and Trujillo show how broad and diverse their interests are. They talk about Lemmy, Bootsy, Wayne Shorter and Herbie Hancock, so many sidemen and obscure names - all with a geek’s glee and reverence. Maron prods a bit about Rush - “People ridicule them! What do you think?!” - and both Trujillo and Flea came out strong as Rush fans and what Geddy the the boys did.

The two bassists that both of them don’t hold up? Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead, and Sting. Maron asks both about Lesh, and they pause and kinda say “yeah, he had his thing!” and leave it lying there flat until Maron moves on.

Maron asks about Sting and they are both gracious but funny. They praise his talent, how much they loved The Police back in the day. But Flea then says that The Police are the only band he loved back in the day that he just can’t listen to anymore. And both of them laugh about Sting’s pretentiousness and how I think Flea was backstage at a Police show before they broke up and Stewart Copeland had “Fuck” “Off” “You” “Cunt” on separate tom drums where only Sting could see it.

Too funny.

Dude, that episode is from November. Subscribe already. :cool:

Yeah, I probably should. WTF is my go-to (with your strong endorsement years ago) when I need to load up a podcast or two for travel.

I subscribe and delete the ones that don’t interest me. I’m somewhat burned out on the comedian inside baseball, but still listen if the subject grabs me. A recent one with David Simon was really good.