Metallica Picks A Bassist

Metallica has finally announced who will be replacing Jason Newstead in the band. Former Suicidal Tendencies and Ozzy Osbourne bassist Robert Trujillo is the new bass player.

I’m familiar with his work only in the context of Jerry Cantrell’s album Degradation Trip, where he seemed to be a competent bass player. Should be interesting to see how he meshes with the other guys.

Any thoughts?

Metallica sucked (and continues to) after Cliff Burton died and there is no redemption for them. Lars and Napster was the final nail in their coffin. I feel bad for Robert Trujillo.

Robert Trujillo was the one who re-recorded the bass lines of Ozzy’s first two albums when they were remastered, so Sharon & Ozzy wouldn’t have to pay the original bass player any royalties. I guess his morals are in the right place for band like Metallica. :rolleyes:

They’ll probably kick him out once they realized he’s way too talented for them. (Same thing happened to Les Claypool. He auditioned for the band in 1987 after Cliff’s death, but was rejected for exactly that reason.)

Wow. So we’re gonna have some funk slap-bass on Metallica songs? The downward spiral continues.

Out of morbid curiosity, why’d they get rid of Newsted?

Newsted left. Supposedly, it was because his back and neck had been damaged by the years of headbanging and heavy basses while touring, but that got dismissed pretty quick. The real reason was that he wanted to release the side project CD he did with Echobrain, and James Hetfield wouldn’t let him. Jason finally quit, released the album, and has now joined some Canadian metal band.

Lars says the new album is a return to more thrash-metal type stuff as opposed to the crap on the last two albums. I’m waiting for it to be released before I write them off.

Jason quit was my understanding. The light is dim but I believe he was tired or something.

End of rant.

It wasn’t because Claypool doesn’t appear to be a good fit for Metallica?

Man, Claypool would suuuuuuuck for Metallica.

Robert Trujillo, btw, was also the bassist for Suicidal Tendencies in their “Lights, Camera, Revolution”-groove-gangsta-metal days as well as the ST side project-cum-comedy thingy “Infectious Grooves.”

Big time funk player. Very competent, but it’ll be weird to see him with Metallica.

According to Metallica’s website the new album is pretty much done. Alot of the pictures up from their studio time show the producer or other band members messing with the bass, so I imagine the new guy is just gonna play what Metallica’s written as far as the touring goes.

Robert Trujillo? My first reaction is that’s kind of an odd choice, but on further reflection, it makes a decent amount of sense. Cliff beat the crap out of his strings with his fingers, and so does Trujillo. Newsted is a good bass player, but playing with a pick just isn’t the way to go with the bass. Color me intrigued.

I request that the band’s name now be written as Metallika (or Metallikaka).

Hearing that they are touring with Lame Bizkit and Linkin Dorks made me laugh. The band I knew in the 80’s died many many years ago but this only adds to the horror of how far they will go to make themselves look foolish.

Although I do give them credit for not raping in any songs…yet.
Cliff would never have allowed this to happen.

“Bass solo, take one.”

:eek: There are bands that rape during their songs? my God, what is happening to this country?.

I used to love Metallica back in he Cliff Burton days, and i still love those three albums. I don’t think they were ever quite the same after Cliff died and they lost his songwriting input, but I still though …And Justice For All was a very good album (“One” kicks ass, does it not?) I think their output since then has been ok, but they no longer have that sense of excitement and danger that they had in the late 80’s, early 90’s.

I want to give their new album a chance. Maybe Hetfield’s got some of riffmeister chops back since he went to rehab. I’ve been somewhat disappointed with Metallica the last few years (especially the Napster stuff) but they were my boys back in the day. I idolized james Hetfield, I’m hoping he has another great album in him somewhere.

Oh, and Trujillo is a compentent, veteran bassist. The band says they liked his chemistry with them and I think he’ll probably woork out fine.