Just a few weeks ago, I was introduced to an Egyptian card game, Bastra. The app I found for it calls it Basra, though.

Anyway, being a cribbage fan, I find this game to have about the same appeal to me. There are a few things I’m wondering about, though:

[ol][li]The various rule sets I’ve seen mention that you can collect combinations of cards whose sum match the value of the card you’re playing. However, the app I’m using and the one person I know who grew up playing the game both agree that your discard can collect as many cards of the same pip value but only one set of combination cards. For example: a 9 may collect two 9s and a 5 plus a 4, even if there is another group of cards on the table that total to 9. How does that difference in rules change the play?[/li][li]What are the percentages I should pay attention to?[/li][li]What are the best strategies in play?[/ol][/li]
Feel free to add–and answer–any other questions.