bat in my house, help please

alright there is a bat stuck between the floor in my house.

|||||| <- second floor

|||||| <- first floor

the bat is stuck in between. it got in through this whole in the corner, and not its in there somewhere. my dad doesnt want to call animal control cause he is afraid they will have to make a bigger whole in the floor. so, is there any cheap and easy way to get this bat out?

Best let it wander out by itself.

If it comes out, cover the hole if you can, and open whatever doors and windows you can. Bats, in my experience, ain’t dumb, and they aren’t destructive, so it’s best to just wait for it to find its own way out, rather than running around waving your arms and panicking the poor thing.

Animal Control might not have to make any other holes, too. I would think their plan would involve getting the bat out safely, without ruining your floor and without injuring the bat, who’s probably terrified. Maybe there’s a way you can lure it out? If you put some kind of food by the hole, maybe the bat will emerge - then make sure you have all nearby doors and windows open so it can most easily find its way out.

okay thank you

Or check the phone book for people that do this kind of job, catching rogue animals. I don’t think animal control would do it, but you can call them & let us know what they said.

I recently read somewhere that a good way to get rid of a flying bat in the house is to hold a 2’ x 2’ piece of chicken wire over your head. The bat will fly to it, hang on to it, and then you can simply (?) walk out of the house and let it go. I’m not convinced, but it may come to that for you and now you have another plan to employ if necessary.

A bat between floors? How do you know it is a bat? Well, we get bats inside the house too, one time I saw a bat flop out from behind a gargoyle on the mantel while I was sitting on the couch watching tube.

But a coffee can always worked to catch em. Just wait until they land and then sneak up and pop the can over it. Slide a piece of cardboard between the wall and can and release outside. THough the CDC is recommending giving the bat to the authorities to check for disease.

The last bat we had arrived in the middle of winter - still it was catch it and then See Ya Bye, it probably died outside.