Bat Repellent question

Have you used them? What did you think of it’s effectiveness?

Wearing long pants, long sleeves and a hat is the first line of defence. :smiley:

I knew what you meant but couldn’t resist.

If they are in your house, plug their access. If they are just around your house, then learn to enjoy them. They’re suffering enough. I don’t know if white nose has hit you guys yet, but it’s absolutely destroying our bat populations. In one cavern near my house in the early 2000s they were averaging 2500 over-wintering bats. The year before last, they had 5 - not 500, just 5 bats out of 2500. White Nose is horrific. I’ve gotten to the point that I get excited when I see a bat flying around now. They put a kibosh on our insect population. Now I’m getting bitten on a weekly basis and growing up I might get one mosquito bite a summer. Bats are good.

If you have bats that like to be around your house, count yourself lucky. If they are actually in your house, then find their access holes and plug them. Also, make sure you check into the legality of any bat repellants. Some of them are harmful to bats and in many states are illegal.

As to the true effectiveness of repellents, they all vary. Stay away from ammonia based ones. Mothballs are cheap and easy and will work temporarily.

I cant figure out how they are getting in. I don’t kill them, I try to capture them and toss 'em outside, but that is a bit dangerous. had five in the house the last few weeks.

Wings, don’t fail me now.

Batty! Batty! Batty!

Sorry, been rewatching Robert Townsend movies…


Catching them and throwing them outside won’t work; bats can enter through a hole the size of a dime. You must plug all the holes while the bats are outside.

If you have a small colony you might want to consider putting up a bat house on your property after you bat-proof your house to give them a place to live. They will try very hard to get back into the house but will eventually look for another place.

When my small attic colony grew to several hundred bats I ended up hiring a bat removal pro.

There are a variety of Bat Spray repellants. The shark variety appears to be quite effective.

At one point, bats were a rabies vector in Arkansas.
On edit: I came here to joke that garlic and crosses always work for me.