Bathing: Just As Important As Studying

Quick pitting before I get back to studying…

On my way to the local convienence store, I had the misfortune of having to go through the Student Centre. It stinks. We’re into the second day of exams and already stinks of B.O. It’s nauseating and not conducive to effective studying. Some of us have to eat our meals there and some of us like to study there.

Take 5 minutes out of your study session and take a quick shower. Please. And use deoderant, it’s your friend.

Yes, that was kind of lame…

Man, do I understand where you come from; when I was in school, there was this one kid who never bathed or showered, and he was on my bus. It didn’t matter how cold the weather was, how nasty or foul, but we would have all the windows open and our noses stuck out of them in order to be able to breathe the clean air.

I love the smell of fear at the end of the semester! It’d be a pretty crappy school if it wasn’t pervasive.

Flopsweat has a tang to it that brings tears to the eyes.

I’m glad to say that my classes are a leading cause of flopsweat in certain Southern California high school students. :smiley:

Ugh we kept track of a suitemates of mine showers. IIRC I think he had about 5 or 6 in one month. In the middle of summer. As an overweight kid. Walking around one of the biggest campuses in the nation. Not a pleasent smell, I am just glad I didn’t have to live in the same room.

My sister has two roommates, one of whom
-does not bath, wash her clothes or change her sheets regularly
-is a total slob
-is constantly out getting drunk and hungover
Next semester, said roommate will be moving to a private room. Sis is so relieved.

I once dated a man for nine years. He was an educated man, he graduated from the freakin’ New School in Noo Yolk, ferchris’sakes! But he didn’t believe in deodorant. Wouldn’t use it, didn’t want to hear about it. He thought the aroma emanating from his hairy pits was the wafting of the Gods! EVERYONE on the planet that found his ‘scent’ unpleasant was an uneducated heathen. Myself included.

After nine years, I called it quits with New Age/Stinky man. mr. bot bathes, and often. mr. bot uses deodorant. This is a good thing. I’m going to go and give mr. bot a big hug now…

Sounds like a plan for failure. Not only will those 5 minutes be lost, but the person will also lose the powerful curve altering distraction of stink.

Hours it’s been since I last studied: 0.5
Hours it’s been since I last showered: 30
I didn’t even change my clothes today. I just woke up, put pants and a sweatshirt over my pajamas, and went studying.

I’ll shower tomorrow morning before my test, I promise.

Just to add a recent sidebar:

In some news program, sorry no cite, was maybe 3 months ago, They studied BO, and what was interesting is that certain people can’t smell certain other people (or think that the smell is plesent). Basically the conclusion is this is how we are suppose to selecte a mate. If the person stinks as you perceive it you will not select them, but the person next to you may not notice it.

Thanks for reminding me that my bathtub is broken. It leaks all over the damn linoium (sp?) when I shower.


Chuckle. I would associate the New School with bad hygiene. At least, that a graduate of that Beatnik institution was not high on hygiene does not elicit a Chrissakes from me.

He must’ve had some impressive good qualities…

My leg’s broken and I have to scoot up fifteen stairs and then literally crawl to the bathroom to bathe. It’s been a while since my last shower.

At least you have a shower. I have to wait for rain, then come out of my hole and just let the rain wash me, then wait for it to stop, and roll around in the grass to dry off.

That’s a nice little hole you have there, with electricity an intenet connection. Must save a ton on rent.

I chewed through my neigbor’s cable line and hacked into it with this old Vic 20 I got out of dumster and dragged into my hole.

Luxury! I have to stand in the middle of the road and wait for cars to splash me with puddle water. And there’s no drying off. Spoiled is what you are!

Freakin’ babies.

I have to wait for someone in my cardboard city to cry, then rub myself up against their cheeks to get a shower. Do you know how long that shit takes?

Goddamn whippersnappers have no idea how good they’ve got it.


There have been days, I admit, that I’ve been too busy (slash lazy) studying or working at home to change out of my bedclothes or brush my teeth all day. However, I will always shower before seeing anyone in person besides my wife (and I’ll certainly brush my teeth before I kiss her), and I will never go to sleep without showering first.