Pandemic Showering habits

I learned something new during this pandemic about showering habits. For the most part I have always been a once a day showerer not unusual for me to skip an occasional day. By the second day I needed a shower. I would quickly develop a rash in the creases of my legs at my crotch if I didn’t shower every day. During the pandemic I grew increasingly lax on my showering and within just a few short weeks of showering only about once a week I found I know longer had any body odors, heat rashes or sweat marks on my undies. No underarm sweating either. No odors of any kind. Another possible side benefit that I am not sure is related is that my hair on top of my head was extremely thin and would hardly grow more than about an inch. For the first time since I was in my early 20’s ( 50 years ago) my hair is long enoug to comb back and noticeably thicker on top. I never used shampoo and always used regular bath soap on my head. From now on I will shower more regular but not everyday and I will not use soap with every shower.


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I got a fancy showerhead with an overhead nozzle and a handheld nozzle; both a bunch of different settings. The mist on hot creates kind of a steam room effect; which is nice I no longer have access to a sauna or steam room (when my former gym reopened those stayed closed even after the lockerrooms reopened). I’ve been taking much longer showers.

When I retired and quit wearing a bra, the heat rash on the underside of my boobs and my chest totally went away. Bras were changed and washed daily, I had NO idea how much issues my clothing was causing.

Nothing really changed for me. I still get up first thing and take a shower before I go to work. Work is now remote in the loft over our bedroom.

I have said “the heck with it, put on some sweats and just take a shower later”. I hate doing that, and find it a real drag to have to break up my day to shower. With very few exceptions, I shower every day.

When I get a rash under my boobs, I put an “x” on the bra’s tag with indelible ink, and switch to a new bra. (I also wash the area and smear some antifungal cream on it.) If there’s already an “x” there when I go to write a new one, I throw away that bra. Doing this has greatly reduced how often I get underboob rash. My doctor doesn’t think anything is growing on the bras, but perhaps they just get rough over time, and mechanically irritate the skin.

I’m showering less in pandemic because I’m exercising less. And I mostly shower when I feel sweaty, plus once or twice a week when my hair feels greasy. I miss exercising in social ways. :frowning:

I still get up early (5:15 a.m.) like I did when I had to go into work, even though I’m working from home for now.

Still follow the same routine with showering and shampooing my hair at 5:30.

If one has dry skin, or a variety of other skin diagnoses, most dermatologists recommend showering less often. 2-3 x a week is considered more than sufficient for health purposes for typical individuals. Aesthetics are another issue.

Since I see patients who have covid, I take a LOT of showers during the Pandemic.

I’m sorta this but inside out. On workdays it always starts with a shower first thing out of bed.

On off days, of which I’ve had a lot during COVID I find the idea of a shower right after getting up to be off-putting; feels too much like work. So instead I put on yesterday’s clothes and hang out around the house. Sometime mid-day when I get bored with whatever puttering I’m doing I’ll get lunch, have a shower, and put on clean clothes. So I’m still getting a shower and clean clothes usually every 24 hours, but not at the start of each day. It’s 1pm here now and I’m in yesterday’s clothes and my current shower is about 28 hours old. And it’s time for a late lunch.

At least most days. Other days when I’m feeling especially lazy that just doesn’t happen and it stretches out to 2 or 3 days. But only if I’m just hanging around at home; if I was outside much or exerted much I’m gonna get clean before imposing myself and my stench on others. I may be lazy, but I’m not a anti-social.

When the pandemic hit, we were on strict lockdown for the first few months. If we absolutely had to go out, coming home was like a scene from Silkwood. We’ve relaxed significantly over time. Otherwise the only real change is that a long hot shower has become a relaxing reward at the end of my WFH day as opposed to a regular morning routine.

I like that idea!

Well, I had a baby the same weekend as the pandemic shut everything down, so it’s hard to say what was the primary cause, but I’ve been showering every other day on average. I prefer to shower daily, but I also prefer to nap when the baby’s napping, so… It just never seems like a good time. I can’t stand how I feel unwashed, but the shower does dry out my skin. I feel like it’s a self - care thing and I’d have more energy if I was dressed and showering daily.

I just have to do that. Yesterday, I showered and got dressed, but never put shoes on (hiking boots, generally because of where I live). My Wife and I played 2 games of chess and a game of cribbage. And it was very weird to me that I had not put on shoes. I know that’s the second time that has happened in 13 months. My Wife could care less if I wear sweats and slippers, but it’s just not right for me. It’s very uncomfortable for me to not have my jeans, a fleece and boots on. Just not right.

It’s like I never started my day.

I’ve pretty much settled into a rhythm of showering every other day. If I do something that gets me all sweaty or messy, I’ll shower afterwards, regardless of when I had my last shower, but that’s not very often these days.

Very different from when I was going in to an office almost every weekday, and I always started off my day with a shower. Nobody I’m in a MS Teams meeting with is going to have the faintest idea about my hygiene.

I live alone, and I’ve worked from home since before the pandemic, and I now shower every other day. I may shower more often in the summer, when I’m doing hot & sweaty work with my bees or on the farm or after my riding lesson. I tend to schedule some tasks before I know I’m going to shower, like working in the beehives, when I’m going to come out smelling like smoke and dripping with sweat.


The only time I don’t shower is if I’m sick – like I’ve had a seizure, or just a really bad migraine. Then I just wait until morning. But I absolutely loathe doing that, because I cannot STAND going without a shower. I can’t imagine NOT showering. To me, there is nothing like a nice, relaxing shower, and I love that nice, clean feeling you get when you just step out of one.

I shower every day because I feel icky if I don’t and still I still go to work 5 days a week I can’t relax on hygiene.

I am convinced that we will smell better and our bodies actually cleaner if we don’t shower so often. In my case soap causes bacteria to grow faster.

That may be but not showering makes me feel icky. Plus when it’s 113 it feels nice.