Batman Begins-Possible Sequel Question (Possible Spoilers)

OK, based on the ambience/environment set up in Batman Begins, if they WERE to do a sequel (and I’ve heard nothing so far), AND it had Joker as the villain due to the final scene with Batman & Lt. Gordon who would you cast as the Joker?

Whether you loved or hated the original Tim Burton Batman, Jack Nicholson was, in fact, perfect casting. So, who would it be?

I’ve been trying to come up with ideas & haven’t had many yet. The only one I tossed around with Himself was Alan Rickman, but we decided he wasn’t skinny enough. Oh, and while Mark Hamill does a great Joker voice on the animated series, I’m not sure he could do it in live action just because his face is too well known. (Of course, that didn’t stop Jack, did it?)

So, ideas?

My top choices for the Joker:

  1. David Bowie
  2. Mark Hamill
  3. Jeremy Irons

But then again, I would have cast Gina Gershon as Catwoman, either in Batman Returns or the unfortunate Catwoman movie.

Possible reply.

Jack is still alive aint he?

And, I am willing to bet that Alan Rickman is thinner than Jack Nicholson. Jack was and is a stocky man.

I think Nicholson was too old & fat to make a convincing Joker. If I was making that movie today, I’d cast Michael Jackson. He doesn’t need any makeup. As a dancer, he shoud be agile enough to do the physical part of the role. He’s creepy and scary. He would be a really sissy Joker, he might not be able to pull off the menacing aspects of the character.

Too bad Gary Oldman is already in this movie, because I think he’d make a great Joker.

There’s already a movement to draft Crispin Glover as the Joker. I think that’ll work.

Almost all of these choices are way too old. The Joker, as Batman’s dark reflection, needs to be roughly Batman’s (Christian Bale’s) age.

Crispin’s 40 but can play younger. He’d make a great Joker. He’s lean, moderately tall (5’11, 6’1), has great features for it and is experienced at portraying weird fuckers.

Ooh yeah, Crispin Glover would be a great choice, after seeing his “Creepy Thin Man” character in the Charlie’s Angels movies, which I am an unabashed fan of.

I actually thought the actor that played Scarecrow was miscast- give that boy a bit of makeup, and he’d make a great (if perhaps a trifle short) Joker.

According to Internet Rumors (so, disregard the rest of the post :wink: ) this list is down to:

Crispin Glover
Mark Hamill
Lachy Hulme

Glover is perfect. Hamill, of course, *is *the voice of the Joker, but I fear that he wouldn’t measure up physically, besides, I’d be picturing the animated version throughout, and no amount of makeup can match my imagination so perfectly. Hulme I don’t know.

Johnny Depp. Seriously. He could do wonders with the role.

Edward Norton. He plays wierd demented characters well. He is about the right age.

Crispin Glover would be great–he’s certainly creepy enough to pull it off.

Another possibility is Alan Cumming, who I also thought would have made a great Willy Wonka for the same reason. He can do creepy/whimsical very well (see “Spy Kids” for an example).