Trailers for new "Batman Begins" movie!

Batman Begins

Looks pretty good!

I bet Michael Caine gets at least twice as much money to play Alfred as Christian Bale will for playing Bruce/Batman. It’s a “Marlon Brando as Jor-El” for the 21st century.

And well he should. I’ve always thought of Michael Caine as one of those actors who are just completely believable in any role they take on.

Oh good, not a strip of neon in sight.
Phew! That means there’s a chance.

Guuuh, why does every Batman story have to pivot on the murder of Bruce’s parents? You would think that after ~65 years they would know we’ve gotten the clue.

He saw his parents get murdered, he’s psychologically tortured! Shut up about it and tell us a good story.

At this point I’d like to see a Dark Knight Returns movie or even a Batman Beyond movie; anything but another loathesome psycho-thriller about his stupid parents.

I think Christian Bale will be a good Batman.

If he’s prepared.