New Batman movie

Batman Begins


Looks like a new Batman movie is scheduled to be released later next year. Christian Bale (American Psycho) as Batman, Michael Caine as Alfred, Liam Neeson (I wonder if he’ll play some brooding father-figure type), Morgan Freeman (hardest working black man in show business, Ken Watanabe (Last Samuri), Gary Oldman, Rutger Hauer (both actors always a crowd pleaser), Katie Holmes (soo hot). Director is that guy who did Momento.
So…can this powerhouse cast undo the seven years of damage that Joel Schumacher unleashed on the franchise? Thoughts?

Damage? What damage?

See, some of us have actually mangaged to avoid seeing the Joel Schumacher movies. Batman and Robin? That was a movie? Never heard of it. Lalalalalalalala.

Seriously, I think enough time has elapsed that most folks have gotten over the alleged travesties perpetrated by Schumacher. I say alleged because I have never seen the trav- uh, movies.

New movie, new director, whole new cast. I think people will want to go see it. I know I will. I’ve seen the trailer, and was quite impressed. I with they’d release the damn thing already.

Mmm … I’m optimistic, but have some understandable worry. A lot of my online friends seem divided into two camps: 1) “I won’t say anything until I see it” or 2) “Too many stars in the cast will spoil it.” I think the million dollar (literallly for the box office) question is, “Does director Christopher Nolan ‘get it’ [read: leave out the camp element, etc.] when so many directors say or think they do regarding Batman?”

A year or so ago, I certainly would’ve thought a new Superman movie would be filming before the next Batman one would. This new Batman movie is scheduled for a June 19, 2005 release.

I think I’m a bit more more curious about the fallout from the film, i.e. a new generation of fans seeing this as their first exposure to Batman and thinking this everything they see here is bat-canon to them, perhaps not taking to account previous Batman stories, in comics, tv series and flim.

ussentinel, there are stars and there are STARS. I’ll take Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, and Christian Bale over Arnold, Clooney, etc. Batman Begins seems to value acting power over star power.

The only thing that matters to me has already been anwered. There will be no nipples on the batsuit. Sign me up for tickets.

Important to keep in mind: this is not a continuation of the previous franchise. This is a whole new movie in a new continuity - hopefully free of the stench of the previous…“efforts”…

In the trailer, there’s a bit where Bruce is walking down a hill to a snow field… I thought, “Okay, here’s where he opens his back pack, takes out a glowing green stick…”

According to IMDB:

Given those choices, Christian Bale doesn’t see too shabby a choice.

Boreanaz would’ve looked pretty good in the costume - he’s got the build and the square jaw. Of course, he’d have just been “Angel” with money and a costume…

Duchovny, OTOH would never have made it as Batman. He’s just too… I dunno, everything I’ve ever seen him in, he seems so innocent and sweet.

Of course we could have Duchovny as Bruce Wayne and Boreanaz as Batman.

Nah. Let’s stick with Christian Bale.

As long as there’s no nail gun in his utility belt…

I’m looking forward to this.

The tone seems darker, which I always thought worked best for the Bat.

Also having Ra’s Al Ghul as the main villain is a good choice. I’m kind of dubious of having a “second villain” (the Scarecrow) but apparantly it’s a smaller part and only the name Jonathan Crane is used.

Anyway, I even enjoyed Supergirl so you know I’m easy to please.

I’m totally looking forward to this and I only have seen two C Bale performances-
JC in MARY MOTHER OF J (totally sucked on almost every level- only worthwhile scene is young Mary standing up to a Roman soldier who admires her grit) and
of course AMERICAN PSYCHO (meh on all levels, which means I liked it more than MARY M.O.J.)