Batman: Super Fall Guy

I was watching Batman and Robin on tv a day or two ago, and I noticed that someone is always falling off a tall building in the Batman movies. Poison Ivy and Victor Fries jump off a great height to escape prison. The Joker in the original Batman movie falls off a building and dies. Catwoman in Batman Returns falls 2 or 3 times off a lethal height and survives. Two-Face falls off the Riddler’s tower in Batman Forever.

Good grief! Can the makers of Batman films be any less original? They can’t seem to get any kind of plot going that doesn’t end in someone falling off a building! And of course when Batman and Robin fall, naturally they have cute little bat thingies that they magically shoot to the top of the heights which take hold and save the duo just before they hit bottom.

Even Batman Begins has young Bruce Wayne falling down a well.

Hint to Batman writers: Get a better schtick!

Now now, that’s not fair to lump in Batman Begins with Batman & Robin. If I recall correctly, that’s close to how Bruce Wayne found the Bat Cave in the comics (I’m sure an avid reader of the comic will correct me if I’m wrong). Besides, the plot was driven by Raz being SAVED from falling to his death, otherwise there is no plot to destroy Gotham, no Scarecrow… movie ends with Falcone being arrested. That’s a pretty short, boring movie, if you ask me.

Good thing you’ve never seen a Superman movie!


Don’t get me started on Kryptonite!