Batman versus [blank]

Well, I’m sure you all have noticed a recent “trend” in threads, recently. Namely, “Batman vs. [blank].” Before that, it was mostly “Wolverine vs. [blank].” I predict that the next trend will be “‘Dum Dum’ Dugan vs. [blank]”

In any case, as a public service, I’ve compiled a brief list of all the “Batman vs.” threads in recent board history. This may save some people valuable milliseconds.
Batman vs…
(Been done, on the boards)
•The Boy Scouts
•The Cast of “Friends”
•Da Bears
•An eagle and a bucket of water [The ‘Wonder Twins,’ presumably)
•The Enterprise
•Hannibal Smith
•A hyper-intelligent pan-dimensional being manifesting itself as a tapeworm
•James Bond
•Superman [Several times]
•A Tightly Closed Jar of Pickles
And if I may be so bold, I offer a list of “suggestions” for future “vs.” debates. Or just for y’all to chuckle over, either way.

•Batman (Paralel world Batmen against each other. e.g. Frank Miller’s “Batman vs. the ‘Golden Age’ Batman,” etc.)
•Boba or Jango Fett
•The “Comics Code” itself
•Darth Vader
•Dr. Phibes
•The Electoral College
•The “God” from a Jack Chick’s tract
The Iceman (The mummy from the Alps)
•The Immutable Laws of Physics
•The Iron Chef
•Old Age
•Saint of Killers
•The Terminator (T-600, 800, 900, 1000, or" X". Take your pick)
•Thomas Crown


Batman versus…

[li]Death[/li][li]Death Star[/li][li]Earth[/li][li]A pointy spoon[/li][li]Every superhero collectively in the DC, Marvel and Image uinverses[/li][li]50 men from a bean eating contest[/li][li]Brick Wall[/li][li]Jack Black[/li][li]Laurel and Hardy[/li][li]Adam and Eve[/li][/ul]

Batman versus…

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Sorry. They used Bat Rope™

Batman vs. Robin
Batman vs. Hannibal Lechter
Batman vs. The Phantom of the Opera
Batman vs. the Founding Fathers

Batman vs:Everything.

Batman vs. Nobody (the Terence Hill movie character)
Batman vs. Everything But The Girl
Batman vs. Joel Schumacher
Batman vs. Radar O’Reilly
Batman vs. Martha Stewart
Batman vs. the Illuminati
Batman vs. Scientology
Batman vs. Wildest Bill
Batman vs. R. Lee Ermey
Batman vs. the McRib sandwich
Batman vs. Michelle Wie
Batman vs. Harpo Marx - utility belt vs. coat that holds everything. The winner fights alice_in_wonderland and her infinite capacity pants!

Batman vs…sv namtaB (sorry couldn’t resist)

Batman vs. Stephen Hawking
Batman vs. Cecil Adams

I’m afraid that’s one battle Batman lost.
Batman vs Ash (The Evil Dead movies) - groovey

Batman vs Bender (Futurama) - I think Batman might be pending for a bending

Batman vs the Viet Cong - Didi mow!!

Batman vs an Inanimate Carbon Rod

Batman vs Jet Li

Batman vs Bagdad Bob - “Batman is drowning in rivers of his own blood”

I think we need to add location to this:

Batman vs The Enterprise (Middle Earth)
Batman vs The Enterprise (Tatooine)
Batman vs The Enterprise (Victorian London)

Another possible permutation is that trend to have the director’s/writer’s name in the title:

Mel Brooks’ Batman vs. The kosher dill pickles
Batman by director Ron Howard* vs. Snake Plisken (location: The Endor Moon)

*Why do all trailers for his movies say ‘director Ron Howard’, with heavy emphasism on director?

Batman vs Man Bat vs Man with a bat.
Bruce Wayne vs Bruce Banner vs Bruce Jenner vs Bruce The shark vs some gay guy named “Bruce”.
Batman vs batmobile (Taken over by AI)
Batman vs Punisher

“Mel Brook’s Batman”:
I’m trying to imagine this but truthfully I can’t think of anything sillier than the '60 Batman TV series.

I can:

John Waters’ “Batman, featuring Devine as Catwoman vs. Daffy Duck”

Batman v. Ash Ketchem (the Pokemon kid. They actually did a very funny commerical where Terry got his ass kicked by Pikachu.)

Batman v. Link (both have a whole lot of gadets)

Batman v. every Charlie’s Angel

Batman vs. Abraham Lincoln flying a ninja mech armed with a can of Febreeze.