The "Down with Batman Threads" Thread

Come on already! Haven’t we had enough of the Caped Crusader? We have pitted Batman against other superheros, famous fictional characters, Jars of Peanut Butter, the SDMB, and now even a box of fruit pastries! I am not saying that those threads weren’t good. Some of them actually were great. But isn’t now the time to move on, and to let Batman ride off into the SDMB sunset? I know I don’t have to read the threads in question, but I just can’t believe they keep on coming! Set me straight if need be fellow dopers, or perhaps you agree.

Who do you think would win in a fight, Batman or this thread?

How about Batman vs. a spool of thread?

Damn, and I was just about to start a thread about Batman vs. Batman’s weight in jellyfish.

Jellyfish? Bah!

Now Batman vs. Batman’s weight in Chihuahuas . . .

If all Batman threads were zapped into oblivion by a 1920’s-style death ray, would that make the baby Jesus cry?

blah blah Batman blah blah would win blah blah if prepared blah blah

Batman vs Cthulhu…

moejuck, I completely agree.
I am a Batman fan, and not afraid to admit it, and I cringe every time I see a “Batman vs” thread.
Please lay them to rest.

Just to make it crystal clear, was it Fenris’s comments that sparked this meme?

Oh, and I’m betting on the Jellyfish. He’ll probably have BatGoggles, but will then say “My eyes! The goggles do nothing!”

Sorry, I’m having a bet with my friend to see who can fit the most Simpsons quotes in one day.

Havng recently re-read The Dark Knight Returns, I gotta say that if Batman can beat the snot out of Superman, surely he should be able to handle a lame-ass thread like this. Especially if he gets a little help from the Green Arrow and his 1920’s style death ray, er, I mean synthetic kryptonite tipped 1920’s style death ray, I mean arrow.

HAH! I would kick his bat-butt from here to R’lyeh. Assuming I was prepared, of course; otherwise it would be a closer fight.

Well, if we can’t do “Batman vs…” threads, then who the hell are you suggesting we do “vs” threads about, then? “Wolverine vs…” has already run it’s course, and “Enterprise vs. Star Destroyer” threads are always a stalemate…a cheap, 500+ post stalemate!

“Aquaman vs. …”! Of course, we may have to lower the bar a little.

Aquaman vs. a Bond villain’s generic henchman
Aquaman vs. the Detroit Tigers
Aquaman vs. a six-pack of Natural Ice
Aquaman vs. John Travolta’s career

I think Aquaman, John Travolta, the Detroit Tigers and a few six-packs of Natural Ice thrown together could actually defeat Batman, but only if they were in the Star Destroyer.

Oh, how about The NY Yankees VS Carl Marx?

Batman would kick this thread in the nuts and end it right there. Batman knows more about kicking anti_Batman_vs. threads in the nuts than any other hero.