Batman vs. a cannibal: if he loses, how should Batman be prepared?

Should she have been polite and done it in the bat-room?

The problem with eating Batman is that he’s so… rubbery. He’d have to marinaded for perhaps a week in suit. :stuck_out_tongue:

OTOH, Aquaman is said to taste a lot like dolphin!

There’s always sausage. Some Bat-links sound mighty tasty right now.

I’d take care to eat his heart (and possibly his brain—I think the chances that he has Kuru are fairly slim) to gain his power. Naturally, shrinking his head to retain more of said power and to help keep his vengeful ghost at bay is a prudent course of action, as well. Since you’re already cutting apart the body for consumption, further acts of Maschalismos will probably be unneccesary.