Batman vs. a cannibal: if he loses, how should Batman be prepared?

Those muscles look particularly chewy. Certainly, they would need slow, moist cooking, along the lines of BBQing, perhaps with a side dish of garlic-roasted potatoes, but what about the rest?

Plenty of paprika!

… I feel sullied and unusual …

In a Provencale manner with shallots and aubergines garnished with truffle pate, brandy and with a fried egg on top and spam.


Beer Butt Batman

Hos liver with a saucy little Chianti and fava beans.

With or without Dick?

I would suggest deep frying in a light oil. The trick is to get the oil nice and hot first. You need to sear the skin to lock in the flavors.



Batman is way too old and muscled to taste good as steaks. I think a slow-cooked stew might work. With plenty of pepper to cover the flavor. Those cannibals would probably be happier with Robin, who is young and tender and could simply be cut into steaks and lightly grilled.

…tastes like chicken…

Slow-roasted over a mesquite fire. On a stick.

“How do you like your Bat, Dusty?”


We really should limit this discussion to recipes intended for pork.

Following BG’s idea …

How about some Batman Tenderloin with a nice Mint Sauce?
No, wait: Mu Shu Batman!

Lots of Tabasco. Maybe some leeks or scallions. No doubt a little sauterne wine and a pinch of salt. And some Lea & Perrins. (Check Justin Wilson’s recipe for alligator, throw out the alligator, and throw in Batman).

I’d say sliced about 1/2 inch thick and marinated in a citrus-papaya marinade overnight to tenderize the meat. Maybe even pound it a little first. Then grill and serve with applesauce or perhaps a mango salsa. Yummy.

Anybody else hungry?

Here’s some recipes

Forgive my saying so, but the gal in the picture looks like she just dropped a Batfart and it was loud.