Battery-Powered Snow Blower/Lawn Mower Combo Recommendations?

I live in Minnesota, on a corner lot. I have lots of sidewalk to clear of snow in the winter. I have had a variety of snowblowers/snow throwers through the years. The last one I bought was a corded electric model, and the cord is a huge pain in the ass, so much so that I just shovel by hand most of the time.

At work they bought battery-powered Snow Joes from Menards for some of the buildings, and I have to say I’m impressed. I would like to buy a battery-powered snow blower, but if I could get a battery-powered lawn mower that uses that same batteries (and possibly save money) that would be ideal. Anyone have this combo? Any recommendations?

Since the OP is looking for recommendations, let’s move this to IMHO.

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These guys have electric snow blowers, though I’ve not got one as I have a tractor.

I have one of their electric mowers, is that redundant information, and it works very well. All their devices use the same battery pack.

I have the snow/sun Joe mower and blower in their 100v line. The mower does a great job. The blower is almost as good as a gas one, the only thing it doesn’t do is propel itself.

But is also doesn’t require mixing gas or yanking 100 times or going to the gas station, so it’s more than even. It will do my whole 75 foot driveway and 100 feet of sidewalk on one charge unless it’s super heavy on one battery. I am considering a second battery this Christmas since they are 300 bux each.

I meant to mention that the mower does my whole 1/3 acre yard on a single charge with no problem.

Thanks, I’ll look into those. Didn’t know about Sun Joe, so good to know it’s a companion to Snow Joe.