I'm wanting to get a battery-powered lawn mower...

…but I just don’t know what to get. My gas powered mower has given up after about fifteen years. I’m not one to do a lot of maintenance (well, really much of any maintenance) on it, so I’m lucky it lasted so long. But, I’m sick to death of pull-start engines. I don’t want a corded mower. I want something where I can say, “I want to mow the yard” and moments later, I’m mowing the yard. No trip to the gas station. No spilling combustible fluid on the motor. No pulling my shoulder out of its socket and cursing like a trucker when I’m trying to start it.

I have a pretty average sized corner city lot. Sometimes, I let the grass grow a little too tall, so a mower is going to need to have the horses to gut through some tall grass, weeds, and clover. If I had to, I could mow the front yard, plug in to charge while I do the trimming and cleanup in front, then move to the back yard. I don’t have any hills or anything, but my dogs are diggers, so the backyard looks like the moon (if the moon had foot-tall grass).

Any suggestions on what to get? Is rechargeable mower technology just not up to snuff yet?

I have this one I bought a couple of years ago, so it might be slightly different:


I don’t have a lot of grass, and it easily handles the whole thing on a single charge.

Fairly quiet (compared to a gas mower)
Charges quickly
Folds up, so takes up less garage space
Light, easy to push
Super easy to start

The front of the mower sticks out too far so it’s impossible to get into tight corners
Bogs down/stalls in tall grass

I’ve got, or rather, had until someone decided to help themselves to a bunch of the stuff in my garage last fall, the 40V Ryobi mower. It’s underpowered compared to a gas or corded mower, but it’s perfectly sufficient to keep my 27’ lot mowed. The matching string trimmer and hedge clippers are both very good (and also stolen :frowning: ). I can mow and trim the entire yard on one charge. It does not do well with foot-tall grass at all. If it’s cutting more than a couple inches back, one needs to make several passes before the cut isn’t ragged.

All that said, I’m going out in the next couple weeks to purchase the exact same mower - partly because getting the exact same stuff makes the insurance stuff easier, but mostly because I liked it just fine.

My neighbor has one of these and loves it. He has a half-acre lot which he mostly mows using a rider mower, then uses his EGO to mow around the trees (which his rider mower can’t get to). He also has an EGO brush trimmer, which uses the same type of lithium battery (and battery charger).
I have an EGO lithium-powered leaf blower, which I really like - and also uses the same type of lithium battery and battery charger. I’d have gotten an EGO lawn mower too, but they only run for a half-hour or so on a single charge, and mowing my half-acre lot takes me about three times that long using my gas-powered walk-behind (roughly equivalent to that EGO mower).

Upon Goggling “EGO Lithium Products”, I see that they also now sell a small lithium-powered chainsaw.