Battle of Baghdad-Somehow I was expecting more...

I may be jumping the gun, but am I the only one who was expecting the Battle of Baghdad to be…harder?

So far the colition troops are meeting sporadic resistance, nothing like the Battle of the Black Sea(“Black Hawk Down”) in Somalia, 1993.

Either we’ve hit them harder then we imagined, or this is all a prelude to a gigantic trap, It would seem like.

Murphy’s Law of Combat #7:

If your attack is going really well, It’s an ambush.

I don’t think the actual battle has begun yet. The current incursions are more an intimidation measure by the Americans, to show that they can’t be stopped, and can come and go at will. The real battle, the one in which there will be a huge exchange of fire, will likely occur in the next day or two.

Remember, even in Somalia we had what, a 1000-1 kill ratio.

And they didn’t have tanks or a lot of the equipment they had been promised.

Okay, it’s probably just my intrinsic paranonia that makes me edgy anytime things look too good.

Tonite on CNN they’ve done a lot of talking about how it appears that the command structure of the Iraqi armies has been essentially shredded.

If an effective commander can step up and put together a cohesive defense, the “Battle of Baghdad” could get much more heated.

Failing that, I think we’re going to see sporadic guerilla fighting and a sharp spike in terrorist style attacks, until Coalition forces sercure the remainder of Iraq.