Battle of the 5 armies(and me)

So the Cherry trees I planted a couple years ago have grown,and are growing fruit pretty good so far this year.

Unfortunately they trees are pretty infested with aphids sucking the leaves dry. Booo.
Fortunately the ladybugs found the aphids. Yay!
Unfortunately the ants also found the aphids,and are fighting off the ladybugs. Boo.

Now just today I found a couple little spiders climbing around the trunks eating ants. Yay!

And that’s all just the undercard for the main event in a few weeks;Me vs. robins for the cherries. I know who I would bet on in that one :frowning:

Ants: “Don’t you dare hurt those aphids! We want to suck stuff out of their butts.”

Haha! I stopped the charge of the ants with some duct tape, and now some lacewing larvae are ripping through the Aphid forces.

Duct taping ants sounds tedious…