Battle of the Bugle

Seeing the thread “battle of the bulge” made me wonder how many titles we can mangle one letter at a time into something more ridiculous.

I know we’ve had similar threads before but I didn’t want to chase them down.

Okay, some others:

The Sub Also Rises
Call of the Wind
Away All Boots

Mon Dieu! My Period isn’t cloudy!

We Have Pigeon Egos

STII: The Wrath of Chan

The Wraith of Khan
Or a nice Nicolas Cage / Ricardo Montalban costarring: Khan Air

I still like that great movie about Winnie-the-Pooh playing Hid and Seek with Quakers –
O Bother, Where Art Thou?

The Love Goat

The Sound of Mucus

Stab Wars

This was a great New York Magaine competition back in the 70’s.
“Here in my army you’re adorable.”



Twilight Zen

Police Squid


I ran across some in which has some other jewels we might take a crack at some time.

A cute pancreatitis

Puny tribute bands: Create your own!

Soviet McNuggets: you could be eating the evidence…

Dr. Stranglelove: Or how I learned to stop worrying and love autoerotic asphyxiation.

Remember the A la mode

LSD Mission Question

The Princess Brie

My Great Big Fat Geek Wedding

Bunny Girl

Citizen Kine (and its sequel, The Thoughts of Chairman Moo)

There’s a bomb on the horse. If the horse goes above 50, the bomb is armed… Steed