Battle Ratios in the war

What is the official battle ratio of the war in Iraq (i.e.4:1, 2:1, 1:1, etc.)

And what is the official decimation?
(One friendly combatant to every 50 enemy combatants? 1 in 40, 1 in 10?)

Ratios of what?

Offensive: Defensive

We know to the man how many U.S. service members are in Iraq. They have ID numbers and the U.S. government keeps track of them. What’s not clear is the exact number of U.S. private military contractors (e.g. Blackwater) – I’ve seen numbers of approximately 100,000 (link).

It is impossible to know how many “enemy combatants” or insurgents are in Iraq. What’s an insurgent, anyway? Is it just the guy who sets the IED or snipes at U.S. troops? What about the guys who are on the look out? Would it include the family who lies to our troops to cover their friend’s tracks? Would it include the shop keeper who tells the IED planters when and where the U.S. troops patrol? Would it include the widow who lets the bomb makers live and work in her basement? Would it include the Iraqis who work in the Green Zone, do some translating work for us in the field, but are actually double agents? It’s a popular, grass roots, incredibly decentralized insurgency, so estimating all this would be incredibly tricky.

What about groups which don’t (usually, anyway) directly attack U.S. forces but which are major obstacles to U.S. goals? You know, like militias and death squads which kill hundreds if not thousands of Iraqis per month.

There are ~27 million Iraqis and most polls indicate about 50% of them support the idea of attacking U.S. troops. That puts an upper limit of approximately 13 million. Now apply whatever percentage you personally think is appropriate. Five percent, for example, would lead to 650,000 insurgents, one percent would equal 130,000.

This estimate (WARING: PDF!) by John Robb says around 150,000 insurgents, back in 2005, using various percentages on various pre-war groups (e.g. Iraqi military, secret police, Baathist leadership)…for whatever it’s worth.

According to various sources (e.g. Democracy Now!) it would appear we currently have imprisoned ~25,000 Iraqi insurgents. I doubt they’re all insurgents, but there it is.

According to this Wiki page 11,383 insurgents have been killed the entire war.

So, your guess is as good as mine.