Battlefield: Bad Company 2

This is purely about Xbox 360 multiplayer, as I have not yet begun the campaign (other than the tutorial mode).

My wife was working and I had the day off, so I got quite a bit of playing time in on the first day.

It looks very pretty, and the sound is amazing. I have a great sound system, and the ‘War Tapes’ audio setting is the best I have ever heard in a game.

The control layout is decent, although I would like to have seen a bit more variety/ability to map configurations. My biggest problem thus far has been squatting when I want to melee from playing so much Modern Warfare 2. Speaking of squatting, I REALLY miss the prone position from MW2. One of the things I really liked about that game was that camo meant something (by going prone in tall grass), and it still does here- Just not as well IMHO.

Movement is very natural, although it seems that you can be easily hung up on ladders, stairs, dense brush, etc.

The weapons sound good, and I like the way that they actually calculate gravity for bullet drop over distance.

The vehicles are a lot of fun, but only if you can get other people to hop in with you. At this point nobody has the common sense to have a couple of people stay in the base manning the AA and SAM sites; so a two man team in an attack chopper can easily maintain air supremacy over the opposition’s base, destroying all of their vehicles before they can use them, and still have time to patrol the objectives for targets of opportunity. Tanks are equally as fun with a full crew of people shooting out of the portholes while you drive through a position.

The class system is nicely done. I have only played the medic, but have seen the others in action. They are well balanced, although I have found the engineer rarely gets used to repair any vehicles since everyone runs them until they are destroyed.

The network seems very stable, and without lag. The matchmaking process is very fast. The interface seems a little more clunky than MW2. I am probably a moron, but I have found no graceful way to exit the game I am in (after it has finished) to play a different type without exiting to the main menu and re-entering multiplayer.

The squad based gameplay is…interesting. I had hoped it would be a clean system of 4 man squads working in concert to conquer an objective, but it has been spotty at best.

Early in the morning (0530ish) when nobody knew how to play the game, there was a lot of communication- My squad would take a building, set up a perimeter, cover doors, sniper positions, get medkits and ammo together, etc.

By early afternoon we were forming squads, but not communicating or staying together.

Before I went to bed, there were no squads to be found- just a bunch of lone wolves running around. My hopes for team based strategies appear to be going away rapidly. (Although I did still entertain myself quite a bit with the helicopters during this time. I would grab one and fly around until I saw an injured person on the map, and then fly in Medivac style. Good times)

However, the early morning session where I was working with my squadmates was worth the price of the game! The planning and plotting we were doing on the fly was awesome. Each person was taking their role seriously, and helping each other out. The other teams were doing the same, and some of the cooridinated assaults against our position (and vice-versa) were awesome!

I noticed quite a few bugs/glitches throughout the day.

  1. I was entangled quite a few times in brush or rocks to the point of being completely stuck, and having to commit suicide to escape.
  2. Twice during the day the sound just stopped mid-game, and only an exit to the main screen would correct the issue.
  3. For about an hour in the evening, any attempt to play “Rush” mode would crash the game to the dashboard.
  4. There are a few ledges that you can get on in the desert map (I can’t recall the name) where you can actually stand in the air. There are more ledges/windows/etc that trap you if you come too close to the edge. It’s as though you drop a foot, land on something, and then are unable to jump or move back in the direction you started. I was able to continue the walk off the ledge which killed me.
  5. During the opening storyline for the tutorial in the campaign, one of the text blocks repeated itself. I did not check to see if I could replicate this, so it may have been a one time thing.

There were other little things that I cannot remember, as they would happen mid-game and I didn’t immediately write them down.

So with that said, I enjoyed the game overall, and I think with a few tweaks it could be in my library for a loooooong time. However, if the squad-based gameplay does not come together soon, I may quit and go back to MW2. We shall see.

I’m in a Modern Warfare 2 league right now. I’m the GM for my team. After the league is over, I think I’m trading in Modern Warfare 2. What a disappointment.

I contemplated getting Bad Company 2. I know a lot of people that love it. I’m not kidding myself. I’ll play the Halo: Reach Beta and might as well sell all the other games again.

Where did you find a league for MW2? I was looking all over for one. If there were leagues for MW2, then certainly there will be for BC2.

I talk about this website a lot in passing, especially when people whine about random people they get lined up with in matchmaking. I don’t play with randoms anymore. There’s just a good crew of people to play video games with. I’ll PM it over to you.

I’m also contemplating getting BFBC2, it looks pretty good and the demo was fun. My Gamertag is the same as my username, so add me if you guys want. Though I just signed up for the Blur beta, which looks like a lot of fun. Actually… I’ll start a topic on that :wink:

by the by, LOUNE, what did you find disappointing about MW2? I still haven’t had much of a chance to play it beyond a little co-op on the campaign

Where do I start? There’ve been a plethora of glitches. Even when a glitch gets a “fix”, it creates a new one. There’s really nothing in the gameplay that’s new. If you played Call of Duty 4, you’ve played 6. The multiplayer maps are pretty uninspiring. Treyarch made better multiplayer maps. They added titles that amount to a huge sticker collection. The entire stance of not having a public beta to test your matchmaking/lobby system ended up being a horrible decision, too. The lobby system is horrible and, especially if you have a large party, it can take a while to get a game. Once you do, though, you crank them out, just don’t reform the party, or else you have to restart the process.

But really, I can see some kind of changes and philosophy from Call of Duty 4 to 5. There’s almost literally nothing that’s functionally new outside of killstreaks.

I’ll be trading it in pretty much right after the league I’m in.

Regarding the ‘Limited edition’. To me, getting six unlocks just means having part of the game taken away from you (the playing of the game to unlock those six unlocks)

So what would be the ‘advantage’ of buying the limited edition?

I wanted to share this video with any potential BFBC2 players.

How not to be a noob in BFBC2: A Youtube video.

It actually contains some good information. If that were required viewing before people were allowed to play, everyone would have more fun.

I watched that video after my first match. I was looking for information on how medkits work (since the documentation on them sucks), and ran across it. I have definitely started using the ‘Spot’ feature more often.

It was supposed to give you a bit of an advantage over players who wait during the first few days of launch. However, since getting matched to a game has become such a pain in the past 48 hours, it is a bit of a moot point.

And what the hell is up with the horribly designed matchmaking interface? No way to exit a game after finishing (When you can get connected) than to go to the main menu? Really EA?

Senor, that’s the same in every other first-person shooter. Teamwork is always paramount.

Having bought and downloaded this game online (PC version) I am lacking a set of instructions (such as how to play the game modes)

Where could I get such info?

And I thought I heard/saw someone mention tutorial modes, but I haven’t seen any in the game.

Huh, one of the DICE devs said that the number of people playing is higher on PC than the consoles, which is unusual. I wonder if the game is benefitting from the backlash from MW2 - people wanting a new team based shooter decided to hold off and flock to it instead.

So… did they redesign the communications system from BF2? As noted in this post, the retarded communication spam that both floods your ears constantly and eliminates practical communication by drowning it out completely ruined BF2 for me. Is BC2 anything like that?

Hasn’t the console version been out for far longer than the PC version? The PC version only came out yesterday.

Can I ‘bump’ my previous question. Is there an online resource or something to help people like me who’ve never played a BF game before and is a bit bewildered upon entering a MP match?

Nope, it was released on March 2 for all platforms I think.

It must have been just my Country/Continent then.

Is that the code you enter , when you first play online ?


If you’ve got the limited edition you’ll enter two codes the first time you go into a multiplayer game - the product key, and the redeem key. You enter the redeem key optionally. It is an option in the multiplayer menu.

I bought the limited edition because I wanted it to be connected to steam, and steam were only selling the limited edition.

I’ve never played any of the BF series before(yes, I know this isn’t “a true Battlefield game”). So far I really like it. Still a little KPD whore heavy, with everyone grabbing tanks or sniper rifles and most ignoring the objective parts of the game.

Biggest issue so far (besides not being able to get the most out of my video card on it) is that the EA log in servers keep going down. Going to leave a bad impression with people.

I do like the variety, and hope that I can eventually get into a server or group a bit more team oriented. Still miles ahead of other FPS’s I played lately in that regard.