Battlestar Galactica 2.13 — "Epiphanies" (there will be spoilers)

As usual, I’m padding the thread with a content-free OP so nobody gets upset by accidentally learning via mouseover preview about the discovery of a Dyson Sphere with a crashed ship on the surface containing a suspended-animation Dirk Benedict.

Spoiler policy: If it’s been aired, or if it’s pure speculation, it doesn’t need to be boxed. If it’s from a future episode, or if it’s speculation based on same as learned from cast or producer interviews, then box it. And put a label on the box as to the general nature of the spoiler so we can decide whether or not we want to highlight it for ourselves.

From what I can tell, there are two main plot threads in tonight’s episode.

From the episode preview: There is some controversy about Boomer’s unborn child, possibly connected to a treatment for Roslin’s cancer.

From the episode summary: Roslin’s story will involve flashbacks to her pre-invasion life on Caprica, and an important vessel in the fleet is destroyed by “Cylon sympathizers.”

However it plays out, I suspect this hour will be packed.

Plot threads we’re keeping track of:

Roslin’s imminent date with the cancer fairy.

Starbuck’s growing displeasure with Adama’s leadership.

Tyrol’s continued inability to let go of his love for Boomer.

Baltar’s rescue and surreptitious concealment of Gina/Six.

Apollo’s spiral into self-destructive depression.

The possibility that Dualla is starting to get a thing for Apollo.

The possible rise of Cat’s stock as a pilot. (Note her prominent role in the confrontation with Pegasus’s vipers, which has been building for several weeks. I have to wonder if that means she’s marked for death, a la Crashdown.)

(Along the same lines, note that Cally’s had a couple of scenes with Adama in the last few episodes, as Tyrol got himself in hot water. Interesting that Adama would regard Cally as the go-to crewman with Tyrol not available. Wonder if that’s going somewhere.)

The integration of Pegasus’s crew with Galactica’s, now that Adama’s an admiral.

The role of Cain’s XO Fisk in the above.

Fallout from the destruction of the Resurrection Ship, and its possible impact on whatever the Cylons are trying to accomplish with respect to the fleet.
Man, what did we do to deserve a show this good?

Dirk Benedict wishes he was in suspended animation.

My magic 8-ball says Chief Tyrol gets over Boomer by tapping Cally (how can he miss that?), and Apollo snaps out of his misery once he gets a piece of Dualla.

Roslyn lives.

No other predictions at this time, other than a small fx budget for tonight.

I am also curious how Adama now being in charge of 2 battlestars goes, and how long the pegasus stays around (the series is called Battlestar Galactica after all)

There could be a repositioning of the crew again now as well, with Adama back at the top of the food chain, bring back old crew that had been delibrately moved by Cain to weaken his position.

AS for this actual episode I get the impression that a lot is going to be happening around boomer, and their may be little toasters in the near future, as well as heated debate over the issue by top crew.

I’m kinda curious what’s going on with Dualla too. Why was she eavesdropping on Starbuck and Apollo last ep? I thought she had a romantic thing for Billy, unless she’s still pissed about his pumping her for info on Adama. What was she doing there, in the officer’s quarters? She’s a Petty Officer. Was she there to deliver a message or something? She’s just a nosy little busy-body?

They exchanged a Signifigant Glance whle doing something athelic and suitably physical.

Damn phone! What was in the suitcase at the end? Did we get to see it?

You win a cookie.

What a cop out.
Shame on you, Ron, shame.

I think it was the nuke Baltar was to use for his Cylon detector. That was mentioned in “Previously on Battlestar Galactica.”

It was the nuclear device that Adama gave Baltar to create a Cylon-detective device.

Say it with me now…“ooooooooh, shit.”

I agree it was weak, but although she’s one of my least favorite characters, the show would be alot less without her. I guess once they decided to keep her, there were a limited number of ways to get out of the corner into which they’d painted themselves with the miniseries.

I’m beginning to suspect that we’ll see Baltar go insane by the end of this season. Not like, oh, he’s kind of crazy in a fun way, but truly and irretrievably bugfuck. That thing with the nuke is nucking futs.

Overall I give the episode 6.5/10 with a bonus point for series loyalty. And what’s with Cat getting all the screen time recently? I vote bring back Hotdog.

i hate to say it, but the last two BSG eps have been rather weak overall (STILL better than 99.999% of the crap that passes for TV these days though), they’re almost getting a, dare i say it, almost “Star Trek-ky” feel to them, what with the predictable plotlines and “twists”.

it was obvious Balty would save Sharon at the last minate due to the “Miracle DNA Thingy” with the Toaster-Human hybrid baby in her…heh…“oven” (sorry, couldn’t resist, Toaster-Oven, even I admit that’s bad…, could be worse, i could’ve called it a “Pop-Tart”…oops, sorry again :wink: )

interesting saboteur/terrorist angle though, a bit on the obvious “this man is bad” side, after all, he was wearing black, and as we all know, all bad guys wear black, it’s in the “Bad Guy Training Manual”

however, Gina and the Toaster-Worshipper getting the nuke at the end of the ep did set off my “whoa” detector…

i don’t think Gina’s mentally stable enough to deal with the care and feeding of a nuclear warhead, they should’ve given it to someone more responsible…

…like me :wink:

Ya’ll hear the podcast where Moore talks about how cool Cain was? Excuse me? Where was he with DS9 and Gul Dukat? :slight_smile:

The Alien/Human child with Special Abilities fellates with as much allacrity as robot comic relief or Sci Fi Wunder Kind, two things the new Galactica has abandoned. (The kid and mechanical dog.)

I think Baltar is nuts already. I guess he could become insane to the point he couldn’t feed himself or something, but I don’t see how he is allowed to function, hell, run loose when dozens of people see him conversing with himself and strangling himself with his tie.

I agree with Mactech, this is going downhill at warp speed.

It was a little weak. Two very deus ex machina endings in a row. Still, I want Roslin to live, and I always love Doc Cottle (Dutch lives!). Also, Baltar is the most fascinating character on the show, and he’s best when he’s portrayed as verging just on the edge of losing it. Of course, now it seems like he may have just stepped over that edge…

An okay episode, but nothing great. The Cylon-sympathiser movement was an interesting and unexpected development, with much potential. The Cylon abortion plot, however, was predictable and boring, though reasonably well executed.

Actually, the best bit of the night might have been the pro-life Cylon baby commercial. I have to admit, they had me thinking that some anti-abortion group had really bought commercial time in an abortion-related show. The glowing spine finally cracked me up.

Where the heck did the Cylon Liberation Front come from? And Gina’s in charge of it?

What a freakish episode all around. I hope it’s an aberration, but next week’s episode looks weird too.

Really bad science: No blood-type = super duper immuno-cells = instant cancer cure…


At least Lee Adama is back to Captain, and Thrace keeps her job and promotion. The Pegasus CO will need to promoted to Commander at some point if he is going to the permanent slot.

Roslin now knows that her VP is in Bed with the Cylons. That should ramp things up.

Yeah, a malevolent Model Six with Rape-related PTSD. With a fucking nuclear device. That’s going to work out well.

I agree this was one of the weaker episodes. I really hope Boomer’s baby doesn’t get much more story time. I’m really not a fan of alien baby stories. Especially not with deus ex super baby blood resolutions.

How the hell is it that no one knows Gina was a cylon? Many people know what that model looks like, and there’s certainly been time to distribute the information. (Didn’t Apollo say it had been two weeks?) Why are they keeping the known cylon likenesses hidden in a folder on Roslyn’s desk? There are only 49,XXX people around and a couple hundred of them seem to be reporters. You’d think there would be posters and news clips by the score saying “have you seen this person?”

I didn’t even catch that the first time. Had to rewatch. What the heck was that little Cylon baby commercial thing all about?

So now that Rosyln isn’t a dying leader anymore, does that mean the whole prophecy thing is off?