Battlestar Galactica 3.5 - "Collaborators" (spoilers)

I liked that when The Circle put Gaetas picture on the table, Tighe was looking over Felixs’ shoulder.

So voting is by model. Yet only 7 models can vote on Baltar; just where the frak are the other 5? Oh and the Colonials measure weight in stones too? What’s next, Queen Laura I? :smiley:

Who are the women in The Circle–the redhead, and the short haired one…?

My the how interesting the Colonials legal system must be if the circle is in anyway “legal”.

Nevermind. So if Seelix is telling the truth then Zarek has unilaterally authorized secret “tribunals” that hear evidence without the accused even being present (gee I wonder what RDM’s refering too :rolleyes: ). Roslin and Adama are going to be pissed at him.

The password for the bonus content is RIFT…

Nice choice of words Madam President. Baltar’s still screwed if he ever gets back to the fleet. So, is Roslin still gonna nominate Baltar as VP? It seems kind of stupid to make him next-in-line when Adama would never allow hims to actually in office.

I thought it was a somewhat boring but necessary housekeeping episode. It always bothered me that after the great victory over the two basestars and resurrection ship, that they never did a debrief, or a post-battle salvage operation, or anything like that. So, this one made me content if not ecstatic.

And I still think Gaeta is a Gaylon.

Am I the only one who stood up and applauded after her speech? Felt kind of silly, by myself in the bedroom, but there you go …

That was a little blatant, but I’m inclined to give RDM a pass on it. Unlike the situation he’s refering to, in this universe the humans really are facing possible extinction. Despite the general amnesty announced in the last segment, I’m thinking we haven’t heard the last of the Goodlife arc…

Starbuck is struggling to cope, as I expected. In his own way, so is Tigh. One of the things I like about this show is that things matter–unlike Star Trek, they don’t solve whatver problems they face in the episode, and then start fresh the next week. If something happens in BSG, there are lasting repurcussions.

What has Lee been doing besides skipping rope? Are they setting things up for Adama to reassign Tigh from his XO job?

Could Adama please stop with the slow clap, like, right now?

Although this was a solid episode, it’s solid like the latter half of Season 2 (which I liked, really), not quite the rollercoaster ride.

But I’m really over Starbuck’s storyline. Enough, already. Get her back in a Viper being kickass.

And, there was a sad lack of nakedness on the BaseStar. I decry these needless retcons!!!
although, thankfully, no orange corduroy

According to Internet rumors, the other models are all boxed – possibly because they’ve been judged “unstable.” Yeah, I dunno, either.

Web content spoiler below:

[spoiler] Hard to tell, but Starbuck may be bouncing back sooner than I expected. I think she’s going to cut her hair to get back her old look. With a knife.

Oh, and I really wanna frak Mary McDonnell.[/spoiler]

Say what? In TOS and TNG, but not the others. :slight_smile:

I was ready to give up on every single character involved with The Circle. I don’t care if I did used to like Tigh & Tyrol. Space those vigilante mother fuckers.

Then I find out what they were doing was legal. Sort of. I’m still not happy with either of them. Any of them. Anders still sucks for having participated in it at all.

So it’s official. Cally is retarded. I always suspected it. “Uh, no. No one helped me escape. Well, uh… maybe this one dude. I dunno. I definitely didn’t recognize his voice or eyes or anything. It definitely wasn’t a friend of mine I’ve worked with for years.”

Oh well, guess it wouldn’t have changed the outcome much anyway.

Rozzie getting the presidency back was too contrived. Basically they’re saying you’re only the president if Adama says you are. Yet Adama - the ultimate authority it turns out - signed off on Baltar’s presidency. Therefore, this is all just as much Adama’s fault as Baltar’s.

Only seven models of Cylon seem to have anything to do with this whole human fiasco. Where are the others? Yeah, I read the spoiler boxes. How about we find out where the others are in a way that doesn’t totally suck?

Gaeta has every right to tell everyone to go frak themselves, and he should.

What has the Fleet been doing for a legal system for the past 2 years? The military has it’s own legal system, but what about civilians? At the very least they’d have to have some system of trying accused criminal and some method of appeals. There have to be at least a handful of lawyers and judges on those cruise ships (likely way more that needed).

Nah. Most survivors probably spaced them during the confusion of the escape, when they had the chance. :smiley:

I liked tonight’s show. Not as much as the first four, but still, I enjoyed it.

No tearing-up moments for me tonight. I admit to a little apprehension about the soapy aspects of the show - Anders & Starbuck are now… what? Fighting? Kaput? I’m hoping that relationship doesn’t get too cliched and irrational, but I know that Kara is being portrayed as one seriously screwed-up individual. The many weeks (months?) of wifely imprisonment at the hands of Leoben surely didn’t help. I also don’t much care for “baby” storylines. I hope we don’t have too many of the hybrid critters crawling around.

I’m interested in seeing how Zarek’s character is worked into the show. He’s playacting a cooperative guy right now, but he is a power-mad terrorist.

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Hmmm…where was GoodBoomer this week?

Voting Baltar off the island at tribal council, apparently.