Battlestar Galactica 3.5 - "Collaborators" (spoilers)

All of this has had spoilers before, and all of this will have spoilers again.

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Ron Moore says in his podcast that this character is totally gonna turn out to be a Gaylon![spoiler]Boxey will be returning to the cast, playing a sweet, sexy, seductive Quorum page who tries to ensnare Zarek with his doughy adolesent charms.

[right]not really[/spoiler][/right]

Okay. So. Questions:

  • How frakked up is Galactica after the upper-atmosphere gravity dive?

  • How frakked is Jammer?

  • How frakked is Gaeta?

  • How frakked is Starbuck?

  • How frakked is Tigh?

  • How frakked is Baltar?

  • Is there anybody on this show who isn’t completely frakked?

  • Well, Roslin, I suppose. She looked pretty pleased with herself. But other than her…?

Tonight at 9pm on Sci-Fi.

It probably won’t be in this episode, but the issue of who is in charge will need to be addressed. Zarek might become VP. It would keep him in around but out of immediate conflict with the President.

As for rounding up collaborators, I bet that they resolve it all in this one episode.

Galacticas damage will be noted but will probably never be an issue or plot point.

Who’s frakked? I bet Tighe and Starbuck will be back in their respective saddles but with issues. Starbuck may have some trouble with Anders. I can’t imagine Helo putting up a stink if Tighe wants his old job back. Tighe may or may not hit the bottle again. Without Ellen to booze him up, it’s 50/50.

Gaeta will probably be in hot water until he’s shown to be the inside man for info. In tonights episode if I saw the trailers right. Jammer may get the redshirt to show how serious the vigilantes are.

So now Baltar is officially the traitor. There’s no way he can go back to the fleet so he must stay with the Cylons. Now he can start dressing up in black velvet and chewing up the scenery.

I hope they go back to showing the population count. A nice reminder that they’ve jumped out of the fire but are still in the frying pan.

It should be interesting to see how the hell humanity can reintegrate. Once the Hugs and joy has subsided there should be a lot of resentment and guilt to spread around.

You have the colonists that bugged out when the Cylons arrived, the ones on New Caprica who collabortated, the ones active in the reseitance and finally those who did nothing.

That last group may get some prent up wrath as being seen as no better than collaborators.

Each of their experiences make it hard for them to join one big happy family again.

I hope it takes more than one episode to resolve that.

I’ll be dissappointed if Tigh and/or Starbuck get back to business as usual too easily. After the experiences each has endured, I expect them to struggle with readjusting to the fleet.

Kinda think Jammer is gonna buy the farm tonite. Don’t think the whole Goodlife arc will be finished after this episode, though. There’s too much material there to use up in one hour even if it was the only arc in the episode, and I doubt it will be.

Fleet supplies should be pretty low. They left a lot of material behind on New Caprica, plus they are down one Battlestar. Hoping they got most of the fighters and weapons off the ship, but not sure they would have done so–Adama wouldn’t have stripped it naked after ordering Lee to “find earth”. I don’t remember Pegasus launching any fighters after coming back to save Galactica…would be a shame to lose the suped up Vipers…

I’m sure part of the “Abandon ship” drill on Pegasus was to save the Vipers as well as the people. If the pilots evac in Vipers, it allows more room on the Raptors for crew and equipment. But otherwise supplies are indeed going to be tight for awhile.

In Exodus Pt II someone on the bridge comments that Pegasus doesn’t have any planes in the air and Adama says that Lee left all of them behind to protect the civilian fleet and comments that he knew that it would be a one-way mission. So, presumably, all of the Vipers and anything else they could move were offloaded before the Pegasus jumped in.

There was a part in the last episode where Adama Sr. said that Pegasus isn’t launching Vipers, so Lee must have left them behind to guard the rest of the fleet.

I agree that Jammer dies tonight. As for Gaeta - if this was your normal show, they’d be seconds away from executing Gaeta, he’d be pleading and screaming that he was the one feeding them info, and Tyrol would at the last moment save him because he knew the signal was the overturned dog dish. Given that this is Battlestar Galactica, I predict that they’ll be seconds away from executing Gaeta, he’ll prove that he was the one feeding them info with the overturned dog dish, but Tyrol will execute him anyway.

You, sir, are one sick puppy!

I like that about you! :smiley:

We’ll have to watch for orange corduroy, then?

I’m thinking that Tigh won’t be touching another drop of booze after he used it to kill Ellen. I foresee him being even more bitter and vindictive, which I’d’ve once not thought possible.

(God help anyone trapped between Adama’s Glare and Tigh’s Eye o’ Doom – they’d probably just spontaneously combust)

I really hope that Kara and Lee start moving back to their old selves. Stabuck’s scenes just dragged the action to a standstill so far this season. And the fat suit has to go. Those cheeks!

We really need to start a BSG Death Pool. Put me down for Jammer dies, Gaeta lives, and we never see Amanda Plummer again.

I don’t think Tigh will get his old job back so easy. There’s the little issue that Lee is both a line officer and his superior officer. BSG’s portral of a military is much more realistic than other scifi shows. Besides I think RDM knows better than to just put everybody back in their old jobs like nothing happened.

Don’t give up on Baltar yet. Most hated traitor he may be at the moment, but then so was Boomer once-upon-a-time. He just needs to use his genius powers to screw the Cylons, help the humans and get back in their grudgingly good graces. He’s mostly just out for himself and delusion-Six did a pretty good job of getting him to at least entertain the notion that he was God’s special instrument for “the Plan.”

They’ll get some mileage out of hunting down collaborators. Someone will die. Things will be getting out of hand and Adama will deliver one of his patented speeches about putting their past differences behind them and moving forward as a family. Everyone still alive gets a free pass. They really can’t afford to execute too many people.

Tigh is a broken man. Leading the resistance breathed some life back into him but after Ellen’s death he’s really only got one last job to do and he’s done. Round up some collaborators then put a gun to his own head*.

Starbuck and Anders will start developing problems. Unless they give him a commission he’ll probably find it difficult living in Starbuck’s shadow. Perhaps he’ll clear out some space on one of the other ships and start a Pyramid League. Oh, c’mon. You just know we’re eventually going to get that episode, minus the leather diapers.

I’m still waiting for the video montage of Apollo working out and getting back in shape.

Zarek gay? Hm. Kinda makes sense. I don’t recall seeing him with a girl, and he was pretty close with his partner back at the beginning of season two. Oh, well. Another opportunity probably lost.

*Hope I’m wrong.

I did read a spoiler on this point somewhere.Apparently Zarek is, in fact, the President, at least at the beginning of this episode. Don’t know whether than changes.

Good point also about Tigh’s relationship with the bottle, Lightray. I don’t know if anyone will agree with me, but personally I find Tigh the most interesting character on the show. I would hate the man if I knew him in real life, but the characterization and the actor’s portrayal are so rich and full that I am endlessly fascinated by the man. He really bloomed after Adama was shot and he’s just gotten better and better since then. And in the last couple of episodes, he’s taken on even more colors and dimensions. Michael Hogan doesn’t like to give interviews, because he’s about the work and not the spotlight, but I have to think he must be ecstatic on a near-daily basis with the challenges and opportunities of this amazing role.

I think they are about to pull the trigger when Gaeta cries, “Wait, wait! I can prove I was the informant in the Cylon government!”
And Tyrol will say, “I suppose you’re going to tell me that you used the dog bowl as a signel?”


Hmm, their chosen method of execution appears to waste valuable oxygen and textiles. Not to mention all that water in the corpses.

Well, that was quick…

Jammer’s suckin’ vaccumn now, summary judgement and shot out a launch tube in the cold opening

And the survivor count is back. It was given as 41, 345 in the open credits. A little higher than I expected. Not sure if that counts the events that aired prior to the credits or not…

What the FRAK!, Balty and Six on Galactica

Heh Adama’s a MSTie!..

<Six> Donn’t make me angry, Gais
<MacTech and Adama, in stereo> “You wouldn’t like her when she’s angry”

hmm… looks like another excursion into Balty’s mind again…

4 BaseStars and a Resurrection Ship…

Could someone tell the people who do the closed captioning for this show that it’s GAIUS, not ‘guys’?


So now we now how Laura get’s her old job back. Did they recylcle the Pegasus sets into Cylon Basestar sets?

Yeah, the first scene with Baltar was a major WTF???..of course, it had to be what it was, but it threw me for a second there…