Battlestar Galactica Costuming Group

There are a few groups online, most have just tagged BSG on as an addition to their already established forums for another universe. I was sent this link, for a group who is solely BSG (and very laid back). So I thought I would share it with anyone else on the forums who might be interested.

– IG

I’ve always considered costuming to be an unusual fan activity. It’s not quite play-acting, it’s not quite obsession, it’s mostly kind of pointless. I can understand it if it’s Halloween, or if you’re making a fanfilm, or something with an obvious demonstrable purpose like that. But dressing up in an SF or Fantasy costume just for fun is something I don’t understand, and probably never will.

I didn’t understand it either. This is the only show that I ever wished I owned a costume for. I can’t explain it to you, other than to tell you that this is the only show. I’ve never been a rabid fan of any show except this one. My dad was actually afraid to tell me the week he accidentally deleted the latest episode off the dvr without my seeing it. He had already located its next playing and made sure it was set to record. I wasn’t upset - but he knew I loved the show.


– IG