Star Wars: To Geek or Not to Geek?

My apologies if this belongs in IMHO. How many of you out there attend sci-fi conventions, renaissance faires, etc. in full costumes? (Yes, I HAVE seen Imperial Stormtoopers at Renaissance Faires.) I’m debating whether or not I should attend the premiere of Episode II in my full Darth Maul costume. On the one hand, dressing up is fun, trendy in a sub-cultural sort of way, and gets attention at these things.

On the other hand, I live in a college town and don’t need to get assaulted verbally or physically.:rolleyes:

What’s the Doper cultural consensus? Is dressing up worth it?

No. But I went to a sci-fi convention wearing a tie so what do I know? :rolleyes:

I think it depends on a) whether or not you have any dignity and b) if you mind being mutilated or not.

If you’ve got a fully-functional light-sabre to go with the outfit, go for it.

Geek!! GEEEEEEK!!! You cannot fight your destiny!!!

I’m taking my lightsaber, but I always take my lightsaber to Star Wars movies… I took my Darth Vader lightsaber to the Special Editions, my Darth Maul lightsaber to TPM, and I hope to have a Darth Tyranus saber for this one. :slight_smile:

Conventions? Movie openings? Bah. A postdoc here was known to wear his Starfleet Admiral’s uniform to school, and I fully intend to wear my sword and chainmail to class as soon as I finish it (the chainmail, that is… I didn’t make the sword myself).

I love costumes, absolutely love 'em. I actually instituted a policy that we get to wear costumes at work on Halloween. I worked at a Ren Faire for several years and always thought it was cool when patrons came dressed up. So I say “go for it!” Embrace your geek-dom.

Doesn’t your school have a no-tolerance weapons policy? At ours, unless you have a spotless record, you’re probably going to get suspened for a loong time, or at worst, expelled if you so much as bring a Swiss Army knife to school.

Naw, I go to school in Montana. Here, the student handbook says to make sure that your guns are kept well-cleaned and ammo properly stowed. Note that it doesn’t specify “if you have a gun”.

I would love to do the RenFaire/pioneer costuming, but don’t have the talent to design a costume or the $$$ to buy one.

Mebbe someday…

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PS: if you’re coming to the Star Wars Celebration II in Indianapolis May 3-5 – let me know & maybe we can meet!


If you can look good in a costume, go for it – but if you look like some weirdo trying pathetically to pass for Boba Fett, give it a pass.

Nothing is more embarassing than a fan who doesn’t realize that his costume was meant for someone three sizes smaller than he is…

I’d take rjung’s suggestion on step further. If you can look good taking a piss while wearing your costume, then go for it.

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