So. The age old question. Star Wars or Star Trek?

Yes, I know, all the nerds (which I am sadly one of :slight_smile: ) have massive debates on who would win: Star Wars or Star Trek.
I am curious what you guys think about it…
(Pointless:yes. But helleuva lot of fun once you get into it:cool: )
Based on the technical aspects of each universe, who wins?
(And no lame arguing that SW lasers are lasers, you can’t SEE lasers now, can you?:smiley: )
And please do not kill me.:smiley:

There is already another thread on this subject.


I have spoken. Make it so.



Isn’t this why we created Cafe Society in the first place? :slight_smile:


SW was good but not progressive.

Star Trek continues… (and a heck of a lot more realistic regarding inter-galactic diplomacy and relationships.)

Oh, please, NEITHER is realistic. Neither has even the semblance of realism. Star Trek is ridiculous, and Star Wars doesn’t even qualify as science fiction.

They’re both fun, but let’s quash this “Realism” silliness, please.

Forget both.

Stargate all the way. Or Babylon 5.

Despite Lucas’ attempts to drive me away, I’d still go with Star Wars. His storylines aside, I find that universe and the characters in it far more compelling. I find Star Trek (the shows, the people, and the universe) immensely dull.

Thanks loads, Czarcasm.

Feg to both of them. I’m a Lost in Space girl—the TV show, not the movie! I love the goofiness, camp and self-kidding. Not pompous and overblown like ST and SW.

Superman’s foreskin beats the !@#$% out of both of them. :smiley:

Not unless Federation ships use their deflector dishes to send out a pulse that resembles Kryptonite! Or, at least synthesize it with replicators! :smiley:

Star Trek because it isn’t based on nobles and magic and other sword and sorcery crap. Sure it’s full of technobabble and constantly preaches to the liberal choir but given the choices it’s what I would choose any day.

(as in, Do you like Star Trek or Star Wars?)

“I refuse to choose”

But the original Star Wars was all about mythology and mysticism as well. A lot less technobable, and a lot more sword and sorcery than any Star Trek I’ve ever seen (with the exception of those Robin Hood holodeck episodes).

I never said Star Trek was about mythology or mysticism.
I dislike Star Wars and prefer the secular universe of Star Trek.

Trek jumped the shark after its second season. Wars jumped the shark after its second movie (ESB).

Both are rather militaristic, though, and appeal partly to people’s desire for a “fascist-groove-thing.”

Between Trek and Wars, I go with Trek—But I prefer Dr. Who.

I’ll go with TREK all the way. Until, of course, “Retief of the CDT” becomes a smash hit movie and TV franchise as God intended…Timmy

Why do we have to choose? It’s not like tax dollars are supporting either franchise. I don’t understand why one form of entertainment is supposed to be preferred above all others; as far as I know people have different moods and desires.

The technological war between fanatics on both sides is illogical as well. There is no common ground between many of the sci-fi universes; one would need a common ground to compare them properly. Face it, how do you judge which is more powerful:

Star Destroyer vs. Enterprise-D?
A Vorlon planet-killer vs. Lexx?
How about a fistfight between Stanley Tweedle and Neelix?
Would Captain Kirk and Xev get along?
Would the Centauri be able to defeat House Harkonnen?

You could go on and on… What’s the point?