Star Wars Versus Star Trek!


That is pretty good.

Wow, that must have taken some time. Shiny.

A little choppy in parts, but a helluvalot spiffier than I could do in a month of free time. Nice job…

There are considerable continuity issues, but most impressive, nonetheless.

That was pretty clever. I particularly enjoyed that whoever did it didn’t have one blow up the other. It does suffer from what most of the treatements of this kind that I’ve seen suffer from, that is that Trek technology is so far in advance of Empire tech that in real space such a battle would probobly only last seconds and result in the Emporor being ash, and where’s the fun in that? Still and all, well done!

The Enterprise made way too quick work of the Star Destroyer. The battle should’ve lasted longer. Also, it’s too bad they used only TNG. If they could have used some footage from DS9’s Dominion War battles, it would’ve been pretty cool.

Whedon > Lucas > Roddenberry. :slight_smile:

Q vs Vader would be fun.

Also short. :wink:

Nice – some continuity issues, but that doesn’t detract from the overall coolness.
Was it just me, or did anyone else think of the Ferengi Naggis when the Emperor showed up?

Dude, seriously, unless you’re implying the Serenity universe is somehow militaristically superior to those of Star Trek and Star Wars, that’s a complete non sequitur and if you are, it’s simply ludicrous. There is nothing to suggest in any of the fifteen hours of Firefly and Serenity that the Alliance is even half as martially advanced as the Empire or Federation.

Firefly was a great series, but in these kind of silly contests of which ship would win, remember that the FIREFLY TECHNOLOGY LEVEL DIDN’T EVEN HAVE ftl TRAVEL. gREAT FOR REALISM AND GOOD STORIES, BUT LOUSY FOR IMAGINARY BATTLES.

oOOPS! i TURNED MY SPY COMPUTER THINGY ON. HERE, LET ME… ::click:: there! All better now.

Dude, relax, dial down your nerd level. I was just commenting on the superior writers. :slight_smile:

Yes, I got that, but how is that relevant when Lucas is the only one of those three that might have possibly written a single line of the dialogue?

Whedon has writing credits on several Firefly episodes, but I’m not going to get into this with you. You’re taking my innocuous comment way too seriously, and I’m reading all your posts in the voice of Comic Book Guy.


Is the irony of you calling me a nerd and comparing me to Comic Book Guy when you’re the one that posted a comment that amounted to nothing more than “My favorite science-fiction series is better than yours!” completely lost on you? I like Whedon and think he’s a better writer than (Lucas x Roddenberry)[sup]23[/sup] but your post just wasn’t pertinent and was a perfect example of why there’s something of a backlash against his fans on this board and numerous others where we congregate.

So, not redirected here from, I take it?
Or IOW, shinier =/= better, especially in tech. SW runs rings around ST tech.

Now I have The Picard Song stuck in my head.

That was never firmly stated one way or the other, though, was it? However, they most certainly had FTL communications.