BattleStar Galactica News....


i’m not real sure how to take this… on one hand more Galactica, on the other - I cannot see how this is considered ‘filler’ material? How much time is going to pass between end of season 2 and beginning of season 3?

Secondly, I tire of “web tie ins” of exclusive (and probably needed) material and stories…

arrgghhh how do I fix the quote?

About a year.

Another year?


On the other hand, anything they do that skips over the generic “building of the resistance movement” crap I’m dreading is probably a good thing.

No, not another year (I assume). Sorry if I wasn’t clear. I think the last few minutes of season 2 are the prelude to season 3 and the gap is the time gap we saw in the season 2 finale itself. Does that make sense?

Where’s the link? Where’s the !@#$%^&* link?

Here’s a link:

On the web?
Ah, man!

No… the year ‘gap’ that happened in the finale was between colonization of new caprica and the beginning of the cylon occupation thereof… so this is a new ‘gap’…

so it sounds like we are going to be thrust another x period of time into the future… into the middle of the resistance fight…

If the web episodes are free, then I’m all for it. Are they filmed like the regular episodes, or are they animated or done with other actors, or what?

–Too lazy to click the link

My bad. I guess my recollection of how things endes in season 2 is poor.

Awhile back I started a thread in which I expressed my fears that “multimedia storylines” would make it impossible for a casual movie/tv viewer to follow a series. The beginning of Revenge of the Sith makes no sense if you didn’t catch the second Clone Wars cartoon. Now we’re gonna have to download clips, buy the special DVD, watch the HBO special, etc., etc. dammit! I have dialup, how am I supposed to download webcasts?

Tell me about it.

Do what I have been doing. Wait until some one at the straight dope posts a thread about what they thought was cool/sucks then ask what you missed. It sucks but that’s how I’ve been watching (or should I say following) lost.

I’m so sad, I don’t have a VCR and or a tivo :frowning:

Frak the BSG idiots who pulled the plot glitch/fatal error known as “New Caprica.” I am not watching any of it until I see a frakking battlestar. It’s called Battlestar Galactica for a reason.

If I wanted to see Vichy France in Space, I would have asked for such.

Are we sure SciFi’s not talking about the birth of the resistance on “old” Caprica - you know, Starbuck’s boy-toy and his buddies?

Incidentally, I love the whole New Caprica storyline, if only because I have no idea whatsoever where this thing is going - something that almost never happens with a TV series. The one-year leap was great, too. Very literary.

One wonders how Baltar will recover from this.
Change sides, I guess. Still, a list of those individuals who should be defenestrated from Galactica would have him pretty high up on most folk’s list, I’ll warrant.

From the other link:

While at first I had my misgivings, I have to agree here… not knowing what;s next is the best part of what they have done.

We know that Starbuck will be the best. :slight_smile:

OK, someone help me out here.

I’ve just read blurbs from carnivorousplant’s link and I’ve got a question. What do they mean by “webisode”? Somehow, I don’t think this is going to be a full production quality TV episode that is simply broadcast over the web. Are they going to be low-quality ten minute mini-episodes? Live action, or some sort of animation? Or maybe it’ll just be text with maybe the occasional illustration? Anyone know?

You know, when you draw little pictures on the corner of the pages of a notebook and flip them real fast?