Battlestar Galactica Premier?

I’ve been looking everywhere I can think of for when BSG will be coming back and I can’t find it. Anyone know when the new episodes start up?? Thanks!!


But the new movie, Razor is out, or about to be out, telling the backstory of the Pegasus.

Razor is definately not out yet, nor really about to be. It’s November, IIRC.

The 2-minute prequel clips leading into Razor (covering Adama’s experiences in the first Cylon war) will start airing in the commercial breaks of horrid Flash Gordon.

… and there’s not enough money in the world to make me watch that show to see 'em. (particularly when there’s YouTube)

JANUARY!! :eek:


Any word on when the Season 3 DVD set will be available?

Saturday, November 24, 8PM.

  1. It’s February, actually.

  2. The rumor is that they are only airing the first 10 episodes in February 2008. The next 10? February 2009!

Somebody catch HelloKitty!

Hopefully that’s utter bullshit. They tried that with season two and it didn’t turn out so well.

I’d read the same rumor about them splitting up the last season between '08 and '09. Stupid idiots. Honestly, I wonder what they’re smoking. They cancel great shows left and right and we’re left with crap programming instead.