Battlestar Galactica—Technical Question

A quick question about the new Battlestar Galactica series—I haven’t had the chance to see many episodes, yet, but at any point do we see a missile being carried by, launched from, or loaded onto a Viper? (What tech info I’ve been able to find on the series says they exist, and have a model name and number, but no views of the weapons themselves) And, if so, what episode(s) was it?

I can’t recall ever seeing that, come to think of it.

Hmmm. Not loaded on a Viper that I remember. But in the episode with the Cylon tyllium (sp?) mine, Apollo dropped some bombs from beneath the wings. He also fired some missiles from a little custom job you may see later if you keep watching. Almost always, though, despite the fact the Vipers clearly can accept various other weapons mounted on their underside, probably right under the wings, the pilots almost never utilize this capacity, and rely solely on the guns.

I’ve started watching this series as well. First got interested after seeing several favorable threads here, so now Saturday Morning, 1:00 AM Central is designated TV time. Tonight’s episode is Ressurection Ship (part 2). I’ll read spoilers and still enjoy watching an episode, so I know basically what will happen…but still looking forward to seeing it. I haven’t enjoyed a series this much since Babylon 5. Pondering getting the DVD sets so I can catch up on everything I’ve missed.


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I saw that episode a few days ago. Before he entered the base to drop the bombs, another viper fired a couple of missiles at the target, only to see them diverted by Cylon jamming. So yes, we’ve seen vipers fire missiles - at ground targets. I don’t remember seeing any “air-to-air” missiles, though.

Battlestar Wiki suggests that the missiles are mounted on hard points on the underside of the wings. Typical sorties suggest that most of the action is “gun-to-gun”.

IIRC, the Colonials have the capacity to manufacture more projectile ammo, but probably they have no way replace missiles. So they would want to conserve those as much as possible.

I think that’s it right there. The Cylons seem to have the upper hand in digital signals. Given their successes in the previous war, it seems reasonable that the Cylons would have a high degree of experience in jamming or taking over missile guidance signals and whatnot. (Note that most of the Colonial radio traffic is voice, probably analog, and thus more difficult to subvert.)

The Colonials, on the other hand, really enjoy kinetic-kill weaponry. It’s a more primitive technology, but it truly is “fire and forget” - bullets and cannon shells don’t have a maximum range, they don’t slow down, and you can’t shoot them out of the sky - the only way to stop any headed directly toward you is to either move out of the way or absorb their impact and take damage. Plus, they’re way cheaper than guided missiles.

I was really impressed with how this is handled on a capital-ship scale:

[spoiler]When the Galactica and the Pegasus take out the Cylon’s Resurrection Ship and Basestars, you see the Basestars beaten down from the Colonial cannons. Meanwhile, many if not most of the Cylon missiles launched at the Battlestars are shot down.

Later, we see the Pegasus take out more Battlestars, solo, using pretty much the same method.[/spoiler]

Yeah, I’m a BSG geek. :slight_smile:

I really like the way this series depicts space combat and space maneuvering.

There’s a missile fired from a Raptor in the episode where the fleet has split and a new CAG is promoted. They’re running training exercises in an asteroid patch, and Hotdog fires a missile at an asteroid while Cat is trying to strafe it, nearly killing her. It’s so sad that I know that.

I’d have to go back and look, but I think that Apollo and Starbuck fire missiles in Season 1 to destroy whichever rag-tag ship had jumped in late, would not respond, and apparently had a radiological bomb on board (the Rising Star, maybe?).

Also, it was a missile falling off a missile rack in the Viper bay that took out most of the remaining pilots, therefore requiring Kat, Hotdog, etc. to be recruited.

That wasn’t a missile, it was a drone. To quote the Chief, if it had been a missile they would have lost the entire landing bay.

(Who’s the BSG geek NOW?)

It was a drone - they make mention that if it had been an actual live warhead it would have taken out most of the deck. Yes, I too am geeky to sad extent :D.

And I’m kind of with Lumpy. Projectile ammo they can probably fabricate, but I imagine missles are usually hoarded as difficult to replace treasures.

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Season two, episode six, title: “Home, part one.”

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It’s better than the original series, but pretty inconsistant. By and largem the fighters abd even the Galactica bank around like WWII aircraft, as if their wings had an atmosphere to grab onto. I think maybe once or twice I’ve seen a viper being chased that actually does what I would expect in a vaccuum – flip over and start firing back along its path. Most of the time they “loop” around "without any visible evidence of thrust vectoring or attitude jets.

I think a realistic depiction of zero-g, zero atmosphere combat would be really cool to see.

Babylon 5.

I’m sure that they can fabricate missiles, but they are a good bit more expensive in terms of resources, including the avionics and targeting gear. Given the Cyclonic talent for fucking about with electronics, and the relative ease of using and replacing bullets and round,s the latter are employed more often by Vipers.

On the other hand, missiles appear to be a weapon employed by battlerstars.

Question: What kind of cannons?

Conventional explosive shells?
Magnetic accellerators?

I have seen much of the show.