Battletech Crescent Hawk's Inception

Howdy folks,

This game is older than dirt but I recently got my grubby little paws on it.  Though a friend owned the game I never did and thought it'd be a hoot to give it a go.  I admit that I'm kind of trying to cheat.  I'm trying to earn as many C-Bills as possible before my home town is destroyed.  Problem is, that none of the little tricks about how to earn a lot of money happen to be working for me.  Efforts to Google up some cheats hasn't been working very well for me.  I keep getting the same advise but none of their revenue generation ideas are working well for me.  

I know it's an old game but I figure someone here must have played it and might have some ideas.  I would have figured there would be some way to edit a saved game but maybe it's too primitive a game for that.  


Sure you can edit a save game. Get a hex editor and start picking at it! That’s how it’s done. :slight_smile:

As I recall it was really easy to rack up a ton of cash in arena fights later in the game thanks to the boneheaded AI. You don’t need to worry about a big pot, you can just go around stealing mechs and selling them. Buy some disabling weapons and go to town.

Oh, and unless you like it for the Battletech license it’s worth it to check out Metal Saga for the PS2. It’s almost the exact same style of game with a lot more for the player to do.

Thanks for the tip. The hex editor is incomprehensible to me though. I’ll just see if I can’t do this the old fashioned way. I’d like to build my mech skills up but apparently they don’t go up once your city is destroyed. Odd.

I LOVED this game back when I played it on my Dad’s XT laptop when I was a kid. It was sort of a prototype of the games I like now like Eve Online. I loved being able to mod the mech but was always disappointed that it didn’t go far enough. It’s a great game, I often think about it when I think about these kinds of games.

It’s a matter of trial & error. Make a copy of your saved game then systematically change values in the original until you find the one for “money”.

Is this the one where you can play the stock market? Easiest way to roll in money is to put it all in the riskiest, wait a day, and reload if the market tanks.

I recall that ( if it’s the game I’m remembering ). I also recall how the game was a lot easier especially at the start if you escaped with the Juggernaut ( I think that was it; a powerful Mech ). It was hard but doable as I recall.

If it’s the game I’m thinking of, me and my brother thought it was hysterical to run around with a Mech reducing the enemy infantry to red spots by stepping on them.

That’s what I did.

I remember getting a copy of that game a while back through The Underdogs. It was one of the last games Infocom ever made.

I just wanted to say, I never played this game but I remember reading about it in one of the last editions of “The New Zork Times” (actually I think it was called “The Status Line” by then).

Still playing it. When I got to the next city I just parked my ass north of Comstar and let my investments grow. Now I’m walking around with 9,00,000 C-Bills and have more in my investments. I suppose it isn’t technically cheating but I don’t see how anyone could have beaten the game otherwise.
PS: Never figured out the Hex Editor. What a pain in the rear.

Yes, that’s the game I am thinking of too. Though I don’t remember it being difficult.


The game in general wasn’t; getting that particular Mech out was. It tended to get blown up.

It’s the Chameleon and Der Trihs is right, it does tend to get blown up a lot. It just depends on how many of the attacking Jenners come at you at once.

Now that you mention it I remember just restarting over and over until I could get the Mech out.