Bay City Rollers singer Les McKeown dies at 65

Yet another icon of my tween-age youth is gone. RIP, Les.

Nae! That is entirely too young.
What a special place he and his mates held in my wee girl years. RIP, Les; you were always the cutest.

Adding because the board doesn’t like my tribute.

No Les No More

Biggirl, it was a T U ESD A Y


I was riffing on one of their most popular songs and Gato was responding that he didn’t RIP on Saturday.

Ah ! Not as cryptic as it looked !

“Nae” or “nay” only means “no” in England. In Scotland “nae” means “not”.

OMG I remember the Bay City Rollers. Wow… Les… you left us so soon. My favorite was probably Eric Faulkner. Those droopy puppy dog eyes.

Apropos of nothing. I used to draw fan-boy cartoons of the Bay City Rollers, in the style of Mad Magazine’s Don Martin.

Although the Bay City Rollers formed in Edinburgh, Scotland, in the mid-Sixties, it wasn’t until the recruitment of McKeown in 1973 that the band found global mainstream success, first in Europe (where they were considered [one of the first “boy bands”) and soon after in America.

Gonna call bullshit on that. Teeny-boppers, OK, but not boy band.

They actually played instruments and couldn’t dance for shit.

Just thinking about the term ‘Flood Pants’ still makes me laugh to this day.

I learned everything I know about the Bay City Rollers from So I Married an Axe Murderer. 1) They are Scottish and 2) S A TUR DAY NIGHT!

Those would be a hoot to see!

I had some friends get mad at me when we were doing a unit on ancient Rome, and we got extra credit for doing posters. Mine was a concert poster advertising a show by the Pompeii City Rollers. They thought that was some kind of, like, sacrilege.

Sadly I have not preserved that particular youthful folly…

And everything will be outta sight,
When Les sings “Money” at the Rollers Show tonight.

Rollers Show by Nick Lowe

Great song! So is this one. (Borderline NSFW.)

Ah, every time I saw this thread, I wanted to post that song, but got distracted. Thanks for doing the work, blondebear!

ETA: I was born in 1968, so glam rock and British teenie bands were my first musical experiences, but somehow the Bay City Rollers never registered much back then with me. Maybe they never were in Disco, at least I don’t remember.

ETA2: of course they were: (I must have missed that show, at least I can’t remember, although I still remember Suzi Quatro doing “48 Crash” in Disco when I was five years old)

Thank you for fighting my ignorance!

To be more accurate, “nae” is used for “no” in words or phrases like “naebody” or “I’ve nae money” in Scotland, but it isn’t used as an interjection or the opposite of “yes”.