Bay In Michigan's Thumb.

Something I have wondered probably since childhood at least. What is that bay in Michigan called? (For you non-Americans, Michigan in a northern state in the USA.) As you may know, Michigan’s lower peninsula is shaped like a mitten. And the bay or inlet I am referring to, is right between the thumb and forefinger.

And while we’re at it, there are a couple of more inlets or bays in Michigan. What are they all called?

I have lived in Michigan all my life. And, no, in all that time, no one has ever told me. It is not listed on any of the maps. It was not taught to me in grade school or high school, or even college for that matter.

I should tell you. When I was quite young, we would sometimes vacation in a place called Putin Bay. But I have no idea where that it. It would be ironic, though, if this was the very place I am asking about.

And why don’t they include it in the maps? Look at any map of Michigan, and you will see what I mean.

Thank you in advance to all who reply and help:).


Isn’t it Saginaw Bay? or am I looking at the wrong place on Google Maps?

There’s a Putin Bay on South Bass Island in Lake Eyrie

That’s it.

I like that link you gave, because it shows the names of all the other bays, when you zoom in. Why am I just leaning this now?


It’s Put-in-Bay, not Putin Bay. Sorry, Vladimir.

Put-in-Bay, OH. Been there dozens of times. To be honest, there’s not much to do there except drink. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fishing! Best walleye fishing in the world in spring out of Port Clinton. Saginaw Bay is nice for perch and walleye too.

You can learn about the Battle of Lake Erie I guess, but I think that Delaware Avenue is definitely the hot spot.


Google Maps is terrible at labeling rivers (it’s hard to create workable algorithms for displaying river labels on pan-able, zoom-able tilesets), but it’s not so bad at labeling water bodies – just gotta zoom to the appropriate scale for what you’re after.

There’s also a geode so large you can walk in, and the tiniest show cave I’ve ever seen which was a disappointment, just a slit in the ground you can see water flowing inside of.

The next largest one in the lower peninsula is Grand Traverse Bay in the northwest part of the Mitten. There’s also a Little Traverse Bay further north than that, a Thunder Bay (not the one on Lake Superior) north of Saginaw Bay, a Hammond Bay farther north than that, a Cecil Bay and Sturgeon Bay west of Mackinaw City, and a Wild Fowl Bay within Sagniaw Bay. There’s lots of smaller ones not labeled on my road atlas map.

And it’s Lake Erie, not Lake Eyrie. Sorry, eagles.

“I was born [doot doot doot] in Saginaw Michigan
I grew up in a house on Saginaw Bay…”

A song famous mainly for some of the worst rhymes in any set of lyrics EVER

but it does name-check the bay in question.

I thought so. Isn’t that bay very famous. How did you not know that, living in Mich. I lived in U.P. for 5 years and was pretty sure of which bay it was, reading your OP. Not berating you, but maybe you had flu that week in grade school or something.:slight_smile:

Google is not the only map service. Try this one, and choose USGS topos as the basemap, to see scans of the old paper maps, which change with scale. Much better for water labels.

Preach it, brother!

No shame, either.

I didn’t know it was called Saginaw Bay and I am also a Michigander and was born here. I’ve never been to the thumb!