Bay Watch Goes Arab - end of the world or fabulous development?

Ladies & Gentlemen:

I am pleased to inform you that the Arab world, via it’s center of Media, Egypt, is about to enter….well, either Hell or the Holy Land, by producing its own version of Baywatch. “Action in Hurghada " set in the (frumpy) Red Sea resort of the same name. Features beautiful Arab babes in swimsuits. See

I’m not sure if I should go blind myself as ritual punishment for the US inflicting such idiotic programming, or celebrate. It’s such a toss up. I presume MBC or LBC will broadcast this… celebration of swimsuits.

I should add among the first questions in my mind is “Hurghrada?” What the bloody hell are they thinking. Dhahab or Sharm al-Sheikh okay, but Hurghrada?

I’ve been to Dhahab, and the customary female bathing attire over there seemed a bit too risque for Arab TV - or for U.S. TV, for that matter.

Also, I have to say, I didn’t see that many Arab girls on the beach last time I was there, mainly Israelis and Northern Europeans. Things may have changed since '91, though.

Can somebody include a link with pics? A friend of mine says that the solution to the Mid-East problems is simply free satellite TV and porn. This might just prove his theory.

No pics as of yet.

However if you visit LBC’s site you can get an idea that soft porn is not hard to access.

There already is free sat TV, so I am fraid his theory doesn’t work.

Alessan: one need only go in the off season. One the strangest mixes of women with hijabs with women with … much less than hijabs I have ever seen outside of Morocco.

How far is Hurghrada from Burka Atoll?

Will the babes in bikinis be wearing hijabs? :wink:

I’ve actually seen young Muslim women around here wearing a hijab with skin-tight jeans, and skin-tight baby tees or hoochie-mama sweaters. And I think to myself, ‘Girl, your hair is the furthest thing from my mind right now.’

Want photos!

I can promise you one thing… if they’d beam that show over here to the states, for at least the first episode or two they would have a huge audience, probably rivaling the Arab numbers that catch Baywatch, Dynasty, Dallas and the like. Hell, I’d tune in out of curiosity alone.

Throwing the hijab on in such circumstances – and it’s oddly common – is about cultural symbolism.