Bayard is now Defensive Indifference

I’m a pretty minor poster around here, and you’ve probably never paid much attention to me one way or another. But, in the unlikely event that you find yourself wondering “What would Bayard do?”, know that I’m now Defensive Indifference.

First, thanks to the mods for indulging me.

I got kinda bored with my name, and I think Defensive Indifference is more interesting. For those who may not know, Defensive Indifference happens in baseball when a runner advances a base, in what would normally be a stolen base situation, but the fielding team makes no effort to catch the runner. This usually happens late in a blowout. Rather than run the risk of the throw sailing into center field, the catcher just shrugs and lets the runner have his insignificant base. Here’s a good article about the scoring:

I just think it has a nice ring to it. And (TMI alert) as I’ve struggled with depression and anger management, I’ve tried to embrace the concept of Defensive Indifference in my life. Somebody does something stupid and insulting…is this worth getting worked up about, or should I just let 'em have it on Defensive Indifference? My kids don’t put their shoes away…meh, it’s not worth making the throw. I hope my name change helps me focus on that.

So, anyway, I’ll still be contributing my usual mix of milquetoast opinions, clunky attempts at humor, and occasional expertise in computer security. New name! Same mediocrity!

Very cool explanation for your name, thanks!

One of my oldest online gaming friends is a guy in Washington state who coaches baseball. He’s done nothing his whole life but play baseball and his handle is Sixhole. I always thought that was cool just like I think your new name is cool.

I recognize you, partly from baseball threads.

And when I first saw this thread title, I was like, “What does that mean? Is somebody trying to Pit Bayard?”

Thanks! Sixhole is a cool name. Five Hole would be a good name for a hockey player.

Hello fellow Cardinals fan! I haven’t been following baseball much the past few seasons. I did get to see a few games from a few rows off the first base line courtesy of my employer this year and last, but I haven’t been on top of the latest news and scores for a while. Changing jobs, starting my own business, and chasing my kids have taken up all my time.

Anyway I’m far too anonymous and inoffensive to be Pitted. If someone did Pit me, I’d feel like I’d hit the big time. I did get (gently) modded a couple weeks ago. If I up my game, maybe I can aspire to a note or a warning.

Ha! I also know you mostly from baseball threads (we have to stick together) and like your new name and explanation. Now to remember next time I see it that you are not a new poster…

I love the new name!

New tagline? :smiley:

I always remember Bayard as “that guy that went to the same high school as me.” Thanks for the explanation of the name change, good luck with it!

Oh yeah, I forgot that! You graduated a few years before me, IIRC. I made my escape in 1991.

Are you still in the StL area? I finally moved back about two years ago, after being in Cincinnati and Columbia, MO for a number of years. It’s good to be back home.

ETA: nevermind, I see your location now. :smack:

That was my first thought as well- “Wrong forum, and what has Bayard ever done to deserve this?”

Yep, went to college in Kansas, never went back. :wink:
I still have family in the STL area and try to get back a few times a year.

I recognize your name, and I tend to forget names. So I think you’re not as minor league as you think.

I like the reasoning behind the new name, too.

Oh, it’s you!