Bayonne, New Jersey cruise treminal parking

I’m taking my first cruise out of the terminal in Jersey and I see on their website that on site parking is a cool $18 a day. What are some better options? A cab from a parking lot somewhere doesn’t seem like an option since we’ll all be packing for 9 days.


Ah, Bayonne, New Jersey. The Armpit of the Nation. Home of Chuck ‘The Bleeder’ Wepner.
When Tom Cruise had the Martians land, they blew it up first!

Not sure how far you’re travelling to get to Bayonne, but have you considered hiring a car service to pick you up at home, drive you to the terminal, and reverse the process when you come back, like getting to and from an airport?

If you’re staying at a nearby hotel the night before, leave your car in their lot for the week and take the hotel shuttle to the dock. I don’t recall what we paid when we did that, but it was considerably less than $18/day.

Pay one of your out of work friends $ 40 bucks each way to pick you up and drop you off.

Cheaper than that, pay him off in booze and smokes from the duty free.

Where are you coming from? One possibility is a company like Olympic Limo.
One of their options is to park in their lot and they shuttle you to and from.

Good answer. We’re driving from Baltimore so this might be the ticket. I’ve checked the website but couldn’t find anything about a shuttle to the cruise terminal, probably because it’s the off season.