Bazooka Joe

i saw a couple of my students yukking it up over the little comics from Bazooka bubble gum and it sparked the following questions for me:

  1. Who is the artist?
  2. Who is the writer?
  3. How long have they been “publishing” Bazooka Joe?
  4. Do they constantly write new ones or have they simply rotated the old ones?
  5. Is there still a character named “Pud” which is a slang term for penis in the US?

I do believe that Pud is featured in those miniscule comics on Dubble Bubble gum wrappers.

Or, did he make a cameo I don’t know about?

No, I think you’re right. Pud (tee-hee) has his own comic.

Almost everything is a slang term for penis in the US, there, Johnson!

BCS stands for (illegitimate child) + (crowing rooster) + (Tootsie Pops)

Can’t answer, except that I collected them for prizes in the late 1950’s, and they seemed lame and outdated then.

They put out new ones. Howard Cruse, a respected Underground arist, drew the strip for a while. R. Sikoryak, who draws “Classic Comics” in the style and idiom of familiar comics artists, did a wonderful adaptation of Paradise Lost for Raw about ten years ago in the style of “Bazooka Joe.”

Actually, “Bazooka Joe” and “Nancy” are kind of cult figures among underground cartoonists.

And how did Bazooka Joe lose that eye?

Who is the one with the red shirt pulled up over his mouth?

And why?

You actually saw someone laughing at a Bazooka Joe comic? :eek:

It was Dante’s Inferno, not Milton’s Paradise Lost. Prizes listed included a tail for the judging of souls, a heart locket with Beatrice’s initial, and a collar for a 3-headed dog.

Scroll down for a look

According to the official Topps website, Bazooka Joe comics were introduced in 1953.

The kid in the Bazooka Joe comics who always wears the red turtleneck up to his nose? Mort. I like to think of him as the ancestor of South Park’s Kenny.

A bit of needed insight.