What the hell is the joke in this comic?


As an ex-Brownie (to the Girl Scouts what the Cub Scouts are to the Boy Scouts), I can readily affirm that Little Bunny Foo Foo has committed the crime of scooping up field mice and bopping them on their heads. (It’s a song.)

Little Bunny Foo-Foo

eta - missed it by that much

Mind you, even though I didn’t get it, it was still funnier than any of the other F minus “jokes” I looked at.

Little Bunny Foo Foo on YouTube with a bonus bad pun.

Good lord, is that comic still around? The Arizona Republic started carrying it because the cartoonist is local, and despite the painful, painful nature of the comic it wouldn’t drop it.

I won’t say it was the primary reason I cancelled my subscription, but it was one of many.

I find that it grows on me, much like the Dinette Set and Days of Thunder. I love searching for the Sequiturs.

I will so be stealing this.

Isn’t it because the mouse on the poster has such big ears? Hence the nickname ‘Bunny?’

Or I guess on second look, that is a rabbit on the poster. I have no clue.

The pun at the end isn’t really a bonus. As any 2nd grader will tell you, it’s part of the song.

All puns are a bonus! :slight_smile:

There’s no middle ground on F Minus, it seems.

I’m in the camp that loves it. (Though I’m secretly jealous.)

Yeah, F-Minus runs hot and cold.

Read Sept. 28th’s strip. If that doesn’t make you laugh, you probably won’t like anything it offers.

Then read the September 21 comic (last week’s Sunday strip). If that doesn’t make you appreciate the idiocy of this comic, you’re free to like it.

F Minus is one of the few comics that actually pisses me off on most days. Today it didn’t, thankfully.

Heh, I read this as “with bonus bad porn”. That would have been interesting! :smack: