Bazooka Joe's Eyepatch

Cecil says here that the Topps people told him Joe still has use of both his eyes and just wears an eyepatch because of how stylin’ it looks.

I seem to remember a teacher of mine in middle school telling us that pirates used to wear eyepatches over one of their eyes to condition it for night-vision. At night, they would find a village or another boat to pillage and flip their eyepatch over to the other eye, which would give them the advantage in the near-pitch darkness.

Did this really happen? And more importantly, could Bazooka Joe have worn his eyepatch for the same reason?

Makes kinda sense to me. Though I think the eyepatch is just a stereotype, like the wooden leg and parrot thing.

Yes. He might wear an eyepatch for a different reason, however. For example, an eyepatch is a convenient tool to employ when using the sights of a firearm – pistol, rifle, bazooka.

He said he was the captain of a pirate ship
Sailing seas both blue and green
And every pirate must have a patch
So’s he can look real mean…


Amateur astronomers do this. Issue 3 of Make magazine has a article on this, including a picture of a guy with an eyepatch and a towel on his head, Hitchhiker’s Guide style, to further block light. So my question is, why doesn’t Joe keep a towel on his head?

Very true- when I was younger and used to shoot with my father (he’s been a competitive shooter for as long as I can remember- at least 30 years) he made me a pair of safety glasses that had blinders on the side and I always put a patch over my left eye to block out light and distractions. It really made a big difference in accuracy, at least for me. It’s a very stylish look, too. OK, maybe not.

Because then people would confuse him for a stereotypical Arab and boycott his gum. Also, it would be a lot harder for him to get through airport security.