Famous People who wear an eyepatch?

Walking by a the desk of a co-worker who was leafing through the new “New York” magazine, I stopped and said, “Oh turn back. That must be an article about Andrew Vachss.” It was actually a review of his new book, but she asked me “How did you know it was him?” Well, duh, the black eyepatch was a good clue.

And it also begs the question: Does any other famouse person wear an eyepatch? I can only think of Sammie Davis Jr, who later replaced his missing eye with a glass one.

There’s the guy in the old shirt ads – Arrow, was it?

The Man in the Hathaway Shirt wore an eyepatch.

John Ford, famous for his Westerns, also wore an eyepatch.

I don’t know about “famous” but definitely an legend within the surf community.

Jack O’Neill is the developer of the modern neoprene wetsuit (despite what those guys over at Body Glove say!) and the manufacturer of O’Neill wetsuits.

Basil St. John - from “Brenda Starr” :slight_smile:

Well, yeah, I guess having a one-eyed guy do Arrow shirts would be pretty damn oogy. :smiley:

Moshe Dayan was the most famous one for quite a while.

Sammy Davis Jr. wore one for quite a while. He talks about it in his autobiography.

Note to self: Read all of OP’s post. Then you won’t look quite the fool you do when you skip the last sentence.

Dr. Hook.

Bazooka Joe.

Film Director Andre de Toth. What’s ironic is that his biggest hit, House of Wax, was a 3D movie and he couldn’t see in 3D.

Raoul Walsh was another film director who wore an eyepatch.

In addition, Fritz Lang had only one good eye, but he didn’t wear an eyepatch.

Peter Falk doesn’t wear an eyepatch, but he does have a glass eye.

Historically, there was Admiral Horatio Nelson. He sometimes would wear his eyepatch over his good eye to protect it.

For fictional characters, there’s Elle Driver in Kill Bill.

Nick Fury


Oh, and yer old pal Painty the Pirate from Spongebob Squarepants.

And his parrot, too.

There is some British female journalist who lost an eye to a bomb in some war torn land. I can’t remember her name at the moment.
Basil St. John was my first thought.

While we are on the subject of one eyed peoples, there is a sportscaster/reporter for ESPN, an Af-Am guy early thirties who wears glasses. There is something going on with his left eye, we think. Anyone know the dirt?

Captain Francesca ‘Franky’ Cook from Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

Glass sculptor Dale Chihuly wears an eyepatch.

Does anybody know why Jamey Sheridan has been wearing an eyepatch lately on L&O: CI?

Sandy Duncan wore an eyepatch for a bit after she lost her eye.

Oh, and Number 2 of course.