BBC Documentary Censored (A Thread for am77494)

Here you go @am77494 . You can come and rant here all you like since apparently you never discovered the “New Topic” button.

Oh wait, I forgot. You’re stupid, so I need to set up your rant.

Regardless of what you think about the documentary, this is being done by the self-described “free speech absolutist”.

There you go.

Can you be arsed to provide a link that explains why you are pitting am77494? Did he endorse Musk, or Modi? Or are you singling him out just because he’s Indian?

Read the end of this thread:

Thanks. I’m always a bit miffed if the OP of a pit thread doesn’t provide the context. Not everyone can or wants to follow every thread. Now back to the regular (and from the bit I skimmed in the Musk thread, deserved) pitting.

Short version: he thinks censorship by the Indian government of any material critical of that government is fine because [colonialism/gay marriage/other random reasons].

Well you have to take into account that am77494 claims the documentary would cause riots! Riots by patriots incited by the Modi government against the people that criticise Modi and his government. Reminds me of other wannabe tyrant-sucklings that threatened with riots only they could avoid by not inciting them in case somebody did not bow to their wishes: for instance the Ayatollahs wrt to caricatures or Satanic Verses, tanTrump wrt to stolen elections, Putin wrt Crimea and the rest of the country that does not exist, el Chapo wrt to the Policía Federal, oh, the list is quite varied and could go on and on (and the riots really did happen, every time. Except in Ucraine, where the riots degenerated in full blown war, aka Special Military Operation). And now that list includes Modi too. And shows that Elon Musk is a hypocritical, egomaniacal, self-serving piece of shit. Whodda thunk?

Just read the relevant part of the Musk thread, and yes, am77494 makes a total dumb-ass of himself. I hadn’t him on the radar for idiots, just noticed that he uses to be quite defensive about all things concerning India. But what he posted about the Musk/Modi censoring debacle is beyond the pale.

Pretty much sums it up. He hasn’t really been on my radar, so I didn’t realize until that thread that he was a pro-censorship authoritarian fascist. Either he believes that government-imposed censorship would be a terrific thing to have in the USA and other western democracies, or he’s a fucking hypocrite. Or, possibly, he’s just too stupid to see the contradiction, although that’s a pretty spectacular level of stupidity.

ETA: Toned down the insult – I want to insult him based on proven idiocy only.

Here’s the relevant context and the cause of the pitting:

No, not it’s not totally unacceptable. It is absolutely acceptable.

Sorry for the lack of clarity. I was frustrated when I wrote it, so I didn’t spend a lot of time on it.

No worries. Your understandable frustration excuses you.

As does your taking the initiative in starting this thread. SO many times posters asked if we could stop with the Indian hijack and get back to Elmo-bashing, but @am77494 (AND a couple of slightly saner posters who kept replying and replying) just could NOT let it go!


I followed the link to the Brownstone article. The censorship in question is COVID disinformation. Brownstone seems to be a group that is anti-mask and quarantine, anti-vax, and at least conspiracy adjacent.

There also is an article bashing NPR in how it reported an anti-masker Yoga instructor in California who still held groups when people were to be quarantining, who had died. (The instructor) The article writer uses this to turn to a defense of Indian teaching and knowledge that seems in line with the sound of Indian Nationalism that am777494 uses to defend Modi and the Indian government.

There’s also an article praising Jordan Peterson and his positions from a fan of his in Iceland, who originally wrote the article in Icelandic.

this guy also made an ass of him self in the welcome back cecil thread too

Not the first time this kind of thing has happened.

Those of you who watch a lot of PBS, have you noticed that the Koch Brothers sponsor A LOT of their programming? Guess why? They almost certainly did it to block PBS from showing an anti-Koch doco called “Citizen Koch”.

I have personally seen it, and it’s pretty meh as documentaries go.