BCS pisses me off!!

Oklahoma in the ROSE BOWL!!! Iowa in the ORANGE BOWL!!! what gives? I say flip-flop them. Big 10 team in the Rose Bowl, Big XII in the Orange Bowl, no real drop in the game’s competitiveness. Teams where they should be. (my 1st Pit thread that actually started here!)

Ole Miss, 6-6 = bowl
Purdue, 6-6 = bowl
Wake Forest, 6-6 = bowl

South Florida, 9-2 = no bowl

Makes sense to me! Good work, BCS!

The BCS has no control of bowl selections outside of the Rose, Fiesta, Orange and Sugar.

while, as a bigten fan, I agree totally that Iowa should be in the rose, you are overlooking the very wonderful thing that happened with the BCS. Notre Dame getting left out!!!

Thank god for that. The 2000 Fiesta bowl was bad enough.

I don’t know why people get their panties all tied up over Notre Dame being up for consideration for a BCS bid when they have a decent season, when all you have to do is go 9-4 and win the crappy ACC. The 2000 Fiesta Bowl certainly was a terrible performance, but ND wasn’t the worst team to ever go to a BCS bowl.

If they do more off-season BCS tweaking (which with any new and evolving system, I would assume that they will), I hope they will address the FSU situation. Granted, they won the ACC, but they are clearly not one of the top 8 teams in the nation. They had the benefit of a weaker year for the conference and advantageous scheduling (specifically playing Viriginia early and an injury-plagued Maryland early). If they could come up with some type of rule that essentially says “Yes, you won the conference, but look at how many losses you have and where you are ranked. Sorry, but go to the Gator Bowl. We are going to choose a team that is in all likelihood a more appropriate choice.”

RTA- I feel for you and the USF situation. But money talks and the “name” schools put fannies in the seats.

Here in Big 10 country, we just hate to see Iowa and Oklahoma go where they hadn’t oughta. Reversing the two would make sense from tradition and still provide good matchups.

Regarding FSU, well there are some years where the Big 10 champ is pretty beat up when the season ends. I’d hate to see them turned away from the Rose Bowl. I guess each major conference champion should go to a BCS bowl no matter what.

I’m with Mully, sort of. I don’t think a team should be excluded based solely on number of losses (a system which might encourage an FSU to put patsies on its non-conference schedule). Instead, there should be a ranking cutoff. If you’re not ranked higher than 'X’th in the BCS standings, you should forfeit eligibility for the major bowls.

(Georgia should be playing Notre Dame or Kansas State in New Orleans.)

I don’t have a problem with Notre Dame being considered for a BCS bid in and of itself, they are more deserving than FSU this year. It’s that they get consideration over more deserving teams, solely because of their name. There is no doubt that Willingham has done a great job, but ND is really not that good a team this year. And the outrage is that they shouldn’t have even been mentioned before USC or Wash. St. (or maybe even K St.) last week.

With the exception of FSU, if Notre Dame had been invited to any of the BCS games it would have been a repeat of 2000 - they would have been pasted by any of the 7 others. USC proved it.

Taking away USF’s wins over lower division schools Florida Atlantic and Charleston Southern, USF finished 7-2, with their two losses being to the two Big 12 teams they played. Beating Conference-USA schools and MAC schools just doesn’t a team any respect. That shouldn’t be news to anyone.

One bad game doesn’t prove that the Irish couldn’t win a BSC bowl game. ND finished 10-2 against a very tough schedule, as opposed to Kansas St., which had a much easier schedule and finished 10-2 with non-conference wins over W.Kentucky, Louisiana-Monroe and Eastern Illinois. Whoop-di-do.

What galls me is that ND finished behind Michigan in some polls, despite having a better record and having beaten Michigan head to head. How insane is that?

I agree! ND had a difficult schedule. It’s a complete joke that you can win over some shit schools and end up in a huge bowl game.